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Foosball enthusiasts all over the country enjoy participating in weekly foosball tournaments and/or sometimes league competition. It's possible that there may be a group of foosball enthusiasts already coordinating events in your area. If so, you should take advantage of the opportunity and get out and participate. More of my thoughts are... continued here

Listed below is information about local foosball action in Alabama. Included is contact information, weekly tournament schedules, and eventually collected resulting information, all of which create our Alabama Foosball Program. Information is usually updated during the first five days of each month-if not before; however, all is subject to change at any moment--you should check back often for possibly updated information. I would suggest that prior to making a long drive to participate, you should first contact someone in the know to get an idea of current activity status.

Locals battling during tournament competition in Cullman, the forwards pictured are David Burnet against Stephen Darby. CULLMAN BOWLING CENTER
1710 Tallyho St./Cullman - (256) 734-2600

Friday Night Tournaments @8:00pm Draw-for-Partners -

$10 entry fee per player - 100% payback!
.....(Spot-Advance format and anyone can play!)
Ala-foos logo
*Alternate participating options include:
Mr. Recruiter, Buddy System, or iron man.
..... Rule violation protection (player rankings)

FOOSBALL PLAYERS .....Must be on time! in case the tournament does not finish before business closing time, the tournament shall resume the following week one hour prior to regular start time.
.....Sorry, as of 1-2-15, the turnout is not enough to coordinate a weekly event in Cullman at this time.


Decatur, Alabama's, Garet Peterson, is pictured teamed with Jerry Stewart, of Dora, competing at the Cullman Bowling Center. SUDS BAR & GRILL
9076 Madison Blvd, Madison, AL.

Wednesday Nights @ 8:00pm Draw-for-Partners** -

$10 entry fee per player - 100% payback!
(Spot-Advance format and anyone can play!)

HUNTSVILLE AREA contact Dave Thomas for occasional & weekly foosball tournament information for this location in North Alabama.

Locals battling during tournament competition in Cullman, the forwards pictured are Jim Wiggs against Dale Moore. Goalies are David Bagwell & Dave Thomas.
1001 20th Street South/Birmingham, AL.
(Tornado foosball tables-4/no tournaments at this time)
3150 Watchmen Drive/Montgomery, AL.
(Tornado foosball table-1)
11799 Dauphin Island Parkway/Theodore, AL.
(Foosball tournament location-contact Lee for information)
Locals battling during tournament competition in Cullman, the players are Lee Blanton & Dave Thomas against Ray Ayers & Jerry Stewart.
1819 Bassett Avenue SE/Decatur, AL.
(Tornado foosball table-2)
Hwy. 31 S. Downtown/Cullman, AL.
(Tornado foosball table-1)

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Local Special Tournaments:

November 17th 2013 Open DYP ...5pm Sunday evening at Cullman Bowling Center
November 2nd 2013 $150 added~ Cullman Open FoosBash ... 1pm Saturday evening in Cullman,AL.
October 19th 2013 $800 added~ Memorial Foosball Tournament ... Saturday in Mobile,AL.
October Fest 2013 $money added to events~ Madison Foos-Promotions ... every Wednesday of Oct. at Sud's Bar & Grill
September 28th 2013 $money added to events~ Madison Foos-Promotions ... Saturday at Sud's Bar & Grill
September 15th 2013 $100 added~ Cullman FoosBash ... 1pm Sunday evening in Cullman,AL.
April 28th 2013 $100 added~ Cullman FoosBash ... 1pm Sunday evening in Cullman,AL.
March 17th 2013 $100 added~ Cullman FoosBash ... 1pm Sunday evening in Cullman,AL. [RESULTS]
February 10th 2013 $100 added~ Cullman FoosBash ... 1pm Sunday evening in Cullman,AL.


1-4-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Randy Parker-iron man/ 2-Dale Moore & Josh Parker/ 3-AL Widok & Jeff Deskins
1-11-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Stephen Darby/ 2-Josh Parker & Dale Moore/ 3-Randy Parker-iron man
1-18-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Josh Parker & Al Widok/ 2-Randy Parker & Zach Johnson/ 3- John Smith & Chris Coggins
2-1-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Lucas Boyd/ 2-Josh Parker & Stephen Darby/ 3- Al Widok & Chris Coggins
2-8-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Josh Parker/ 2-Dale Moore & David Burnett/ 3- Randy Parker & Zach Johnson
2-10-13 $100 Added Cullman Foosbash/in Cullman
Open Singles
1st ...Stephen Darby/ 2-Josh Parker/ 3-Lee Blanton
Ala-Amateur Draw
1st ...Al Widok & Zach Johnson/ 2-Lucas Boyd & Kenneth Coggins/ 3-Nathan Hestla & Bill Darby
Open Doubles
1st ...Dale Moore & Garet Peterson/ 2-Josh Parker & Randy Parker/ 3-Rodney Jenkins & Stephen Darby
2-15-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Dale Moore & Nick Peterson/ 2- Rodney Jenkins & DJ Simmons/ 3- Ray Ayers & Lucas Boyd
2-22-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Dale Moore & Jerry Stewart/ 2- Randy Parker & DJ Ray Ayers/ 3- David Burnett & Lucas Boyd
3-1-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Ray Ayers & Lucas Boyd/ 2- David Burnett & John Smith/ 3- Dale Moore & Nate Hestla
3-8-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Lucas Boyd & Nick Peterson/ 2- Ray Ayers & Josh Parker/ 3- Al Widok & David Burnett
3-15-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Dale Moore & Nate Hestla/ 2- Lee Blanton & Lucas Boyd/ 3- Josh Parker & Stephen Darby
3-17-13 $100 Added Cullman Foosbash/in Cullman
Open Singles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Dale Moore/ 3-Stephen Darby
Open Draw
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Lee Blanton/ 2-Stephen Darby & Nick Peterson/ 3-Josh Parker & Dale Moore
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Lee Blanton/ 2-Dale Moore & Dave Thomas/ 3-Nick Peterson & Stephen Darby
3-22-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Dale Moore & Nathan Hestla/ 2- Ray Ayers & Al Widok/ 3- Josh Parker & Iron Man
3-29-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Lee Blanton & Zach Johnson/ 2- Jeff Deskins & Jerry Stewart/ 3- Ray Ayers & Lucas Boyd
4-5-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Dale Moore & Chris Coggins/ 2- Stephen Darby & Al Widok/ 3- Lucas Boyd & Jeff Deskins
4-12-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Dave Thomas/ 2-Dale Moore & Al Widok/ 3- Stephen Darby & Jeff Deskins
4-19-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Dale Moore & Al Widok/ 2- Stephen Darby & Lucas Boyd/ 3- Dave Thomas & Josh Parker
4-26-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Dale Moore & Al Widok/ 2- Stephen Darby & Zach Johnson/ 3- Nick Peterson & Lucas Boyd
4-28-13 $100 Added Cullman Foosbash/in Cullman
Open Singles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Stephen Darby/ 3-Randy Parker
Ala-Amateur Singles
1st ...Al Widok/ 2-Chris Coggins/ 3-Zach Johnson
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Stephen Darby/ 2-Dale Moore & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Nick Peterson & Al Widok
5-3-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Randy Parker & Zach Johnson/ 2- Josh Parker & Lucas Boyd/ 3- Al Widok & Jerry Stewart
5-10-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Josh Parker & Lucas Boyd/ 2- Dale Moore & Stephen Darby/ 3- Jerry Stewart & Dave Thomas
5-17-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Dale Moore & Jerry Stewart/ 2- Josh Parker & Lucas Boyd/ 3- Randy Parker & Zach Johnson
5-19-13 Cullman Sunday Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Dale Moore & Jerry Stewart/ 2- Stephen Darby & Ray Ayers/ 3- Rodney Jenkins(iron man)
5-24-13 Cullman Singles (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Al Widok/ 2- Jerry Stewart/ 3- Ray Ayers
5-31-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...David Burnett & Lucas Boyd/ 2- Lee Blanton & Al Widok/ 3- Stephen Darby & Dale Moore
6-7-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Garet Peterson/ 2- Jim Wiggs & Jerry Stewart/ 3- Dale Moore & Al Widok
6-14-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Jerry Stewart & Lucas Boyd/ 2- Ray Ayers & Winfred Seay/ 3- Lee & Tyler
6-28-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Jim Wiggs & Jerry Stewart/ - Rodney Jenkins & Dale Moore/ 3- Nick Peterson & Zach Johnson
7-5-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Randy Parker & Al Widok/ 2- Dale Moore & Nick Peterson/ 3- Josh Parker & Dave Thomas
7-12-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Ray Ayers/ 2- Al Widok & Lucas Boyd/ 3- Dale Moore & Randy Parker
7-19-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Al Widok & Jerry Stewart/ 2- Randy Parker & Rodney Jenkins/ 3- Dale Moore & Zach Johnson
7-26-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Josh Parker & Lucas Boyd/ 2- Stephen Darby & Rodney Jenkins/ 3- Al Wodok & Ray Ayers
8-2-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Lee Blanton & David Bagwell/ 2- Josh Parker & Lucas Boyd/ 3- Stephen Darby & Rodney Jenkins
8-9-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Lee Blanton & Rodney Jenkins/ 2- Stephen Darby & Ray Ayers/ 3- Josh Parker & Lucas Boyd
8-16-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Chris Coggins/ 2- Josh Parker & Lucas Boyd/ 3- Dale Moore & Al Widok
8-23-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins-iron man / 2- Josh Parker & Lucas Boyd/ 3- Dale Moore & Jerry Stewart
9-6-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Al Widok/ 2- Dale Moore & Dave Thomas/ 3- Josh Parker & Lucas Boyd
9-13-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Dale Moore/ 2- Josh Parker & Lucas Boyd/ 3- David Bagwell & Chase Bagwell
9-15-13 $100 Added Cullman Foosbash/in Cullman
Open Singles
1st ...David Bagwell/ 2-Jim Wiggs/ 3-Al Widok
Pro-Am DYP
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Nathan Hestla/ 2-David Bagwell & Al Widok/ 3-Jim Wiggs & Lucas Boyd
Open Doubles
1st ...Josh Parker & Al Widok/ 2-Jim Wiggs & David Bagwell/ 3-Dale Moore & Rodney Jenkins
9-20-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Phil Cantrell/ 2- Dale Moore & Dave Thomas/ 3- Josh Parker & Lucas Boyd
9-27-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Josh Parker/ 2- Randy Parker & Ben Joyner/ 3- Al Widok & Lucas Boyd
10-4-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jim Wiggs/ 2- Josh Parker & Phill Cantrell/ 3- Randy Parker & Lucas Boyd
10-11-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Dale Moore & Dave Thomas/ 2- Jim Wiggs & Rodney Jenkins/ 3- Randy Parker & Lucas Boyd
10-18-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jerry Stewart/ 2- Jim Wiggs & David Bagwell/ 3- Dale Moore & Dave Thomas
10-25-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Josh Parker & Dave Thomas/ 2- Jim Wiggs & Nate Hestla/ 3- Dale Moore & Randy Parker
11-2-13 $150 Added Cullman Open Foosbash/in Cullman
Open Singles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-David Bagwell/ 3-Jim Wiggs
Open Draw
1st ...Jim Wiggs & Ray Ayers/ 2-David Bagwell & Lee Blanton/ 3-Josh Parker & Al Widok
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Billy Caylor/ 2-Jim Wiggs & David Bagwell/ 3-Steve Dodgen & Randy Parker
11-4-13 Cullman Open Singles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2- Al Widok/ 3- Stephen Darby
11-17-13 Cullman Draw (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & iron man/ 2- Lee Blanton & Jerry Stewart/ 3- Ray Ayers & Dave Thomas
11-18-13 Cullman Singles (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2- Al Widok/ 3- Stephen Darby
11-22-13 Cullman Singles (Spot-Advance)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2- Jim Wiggs/ 3- Lee Blanton

TOP WINNERS: Handing out twenty dollar bills!
1172....Rodney Jenkins
709......Dale Moore
529......Josh Parker
430......Al Widok
402......Stephen Darby
400......Lucas Boyd
305......Jerry Stewart
290......Lee Blanton
244......Randy Parker
225......Jim Wiggs
200......David Bagwell
180......Ray Ayers
175......Dave Thomas
125......Nick Peterson
110......Nathan Hestla
99........Garet Peterson
95........Zach Johnson
80........Chris Coggins
60........David Burnett
55........Billy Caylor
50........Phil Cantrell
35........DJ Simmons
10........Steve Dodgen
10........John Smith

(For the period Beginning in January 2013 through present)


Rob Moore
Unfortunately once again, IÕm very sorry to share the following news, an outstanding Alabama foosball player from the Mobile area has passed away this February 12th 2016---
Rob Moore has been battling cancer for some time and now may he Rest in Peace as he leaves us with outstanding memories of his great personality and friendship. Robbie was a very competitive and highly skilled member of our Alabama foosball community and he will be missed tremendously. My condolences are extended to all his dear friends and family members.
Additional photos: [2] [3]

...Rodney Jenkins

Mobile area foosball players are coordinating a Bennefit Foosball Tournament in honor of Rob Moore to be held on February 20th 2016 at "Pelican Reef" located--11799 Dauphin Island Parkway, Theodore, Alabama. See the [EVENT FLYER] or call (251) 973-2670 for additional information.

On behalf of the Alabama Foosball Program I'd like to congratulate the following players who have recently moved to the Program's AAA Classification of the Program's class rating system which dictates a professional level of play for our local competition circuit. Dale Moore, Stephen Darby, Nick Peterson, Josh Parker, and James Porter join the top-tier players of the Alabama Foosball Program. They join players who are already among that category including Lane Kimbrell, David Bagwell, Greg McCann, Steve Roberts, Randy Parker, Lee Williams, Jim Wiggs, and Ken Williams. Players of which have been among also the United States Table Soccer Association/USTSA professional classification as well include David Hobson, Leigh O'Quinn, and Dale Oberhausen--while Steve Dodgen, Cindy Head, and Rodney Jenkins have been among the Professional-Master classification. This list might not represent a complete list of players from Alabama that are capable of playing foosball at a comparably top level, I can think of a few that probably would be among the listed as well if they were more actively affiliated with this program of events. David Chancey
I can't begin to tell you how much it troubles me to share the following news, an outstanding Alabama foosball player from the Mobile area has passed away this September 1st 2013---
David Chancey leaves behind loving family members along with an enormous community of dear friends, including myself, that will miss him tremendously for many years to come. My condolences are extended to his family and all of you that were graced with the opportunity to know David. Rest in Peace.
Additional photos: [2] [3] [4]
...Rodney Jenkins
During the Programs' events we will allow a protection circumstance for rule violations committed by players with limited tournament experience and those who are not yet accustom to playing by the official rules of play. The spirit of the "rule violation protection" procedure is to allow new players some flexibility when it comes to the rules while participating in the Programs tournaments. In other words, we don't want to discourage new players from participating our tournament events simply because their style of play may conflict a simple rule or two. We do want to encourage players to play by the rules but, for those that need, we want to allow a grace period that will allow them to compete according to their style of play while gradually learning to play according to the official guidelines of play. When implemented, Beginner players and those rated with the Program as high as C/5 class will be allowed the "rule violation protection" procedure. See Rule violation protection for additional information on the procedure.
For foosball players interested in possible foosball action in Decatur, Alabama, the Ala-Program just returned a Tornado foosball table to the once upon a time fun-spot for foosball players of Decatur. The location that was "Frontier Lounge" for so long is now "Herb's Music Hall" and a brand new Tornado foosball table sits waiting on foosball players to enjoy, and I predict tournament action to be created for the location in the near future. The location is open Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights and is located at 3832 Hwy. 31 South, Decatur, Alabama. Check it out!---and please tell all all your foos-friends that might be interested.
Attention foosball players! Locals in Cullman invite anyone interested participating in our weekly "draw-for-partners" foosball tournament here at the Cullman Bowling Center on Friday nights. We have quite a few beginner players that have began participating along with the usual foos-experts of this area. Players start coming in around 7pm for games and then the tournament starting very shortly after 8pm. Bring all your foos-friends. Pictured is Cullman locals Josh Parker and Stephen Darby during during singles competition at the Cullman Bowling Center.
CULLMAN BOWLING CENTER..... foosball tournament notes:
Due to the varying skill levels of the local players participating--along with our interest in creating an inviting atmosphere for the "beginner" and/or "new" player participation--the locals here in Cullman prefer to incorporate the Spot-Advance Draw format for our weekly draw-your-partner tournament. The format dictates the possibility of spot advantages. For example, according to the "level of experience" of the players paired together compaired to the experience level of the oponent, sometimes the format dictates one team having to score 7 points to win a game during competition while the other only has to score the traditional 5 points in order to win the game.
*There are alternative competing options allowed for players to participate, they include: Mr. Recruiter and the Buddy System..
*Please keep in mind that occasional special tournaments, and/or [REGIONAL EVENTS] might take some of the participants out of town on the weekends. In this case, those in attendance may have to serve as the temporary tournament director as described in the Program's Standard Procedures.
*There are three Tornado foosball tables on site.
CULLMAN,AL. ...Grab your wraps, gloves, along with any other foos-gear you might need and visit one of Alabama's legendary areas for top-notch foosball players. Locals coordinate weekly tournaments for anyone interested in participating. Pictured is local players Al Widok and Josh Parker who you'll probably see along with others including myself, Rodney Jenkins. Players from surrounding cities including Birmingham, Huntsville, & Decatur often drop in to participate. Cullman is located in North Alabama. Alabama State 1989
A Blast from the Past! Check out the 1989 Alabama State Championship winners of Rookie Doubles. Pictured from left is Tom Hinds, of Decatur(3rd). Anthony Lancaster, of Vinemont(3rd). First place winner Dennis Branham, of Vinemont & Larry Stanley, of Birmingham. 2nd place Don Glenn and Kevin Cooper, also of Birmingham. The event was held at the "Rac'n Cue" in Cullman.
Tom Farley's Alabama State tournament is planned for the weekend of November 4th and 5th. Tom Farley and his "Rocket City Foosball Program" is sponsoring and presenting the event to be held at Suds Bar & Grill located in the city of Madison, Alabama which is in the northern most portion of the state.
Our "RocketCity $500" had players from four surrounding states represented and totaled $860 cash payouts. Thanks for coming folks! Our location in Madison is our foos-place for the Wednesday dyp and Saturday as well--w/free buffet on Wednesday 5 till 8pm and live music both nights. The tournament is run on 5 tables. Our next guaranteed will be a warmup tournament for the Nationals. Be there or you'll miss another great tournament!
...kewlbeans dale
Stay tuned SUPERDRAW SATURDAYS @ SUDS coming.. also Wed tourny is dyp... free food buffet... good music... down the street @The Station..... Home of the 2007 ALABAMA STATE... new tables .... Buffet starts at 5pm good food and last till 8pm.... tourny starts at 8pm...
See you There ...kewlbeans dale
See additional news at: [2012-AL.]


Direct your questions or comments to the Southern Foosball Program/Rodney Jenkins at (256) 734-6349, or by email:

Locals battling during tournament competition in Cullman, David Bagwell & Lee Blanton vrs. Jim Wiggs & Ray Ayers.

$150 added~ "Cullman Open FoosBash"

November 2nd 2013 ..... Cullman Bowling Center in Cullman, Alabama
Saturday: ..... Don't be late!
1pm .......... Open Singles
$10 entry fee - 100% payback w/$20 added!
3pm .......... Open Draw
$10 entry fee - 100% payback w/$50 added!
5pm .......... Open Doubles
1st - $10 entry fee - 100% payback with...
2nd - .....$80 Added!
3rd -

Rainbow line
If you're reading this you'll probably agree that foosball is a very unique game. It can be very fun, and some people will say that it can be addictive. In most areas throughout the Southeastern USA it's not easy to find places where you can walk in and find a foosball table with experienced players available for games. It's been my suggestion that foosball players should try to establish a location where they can designate days and times for enthusiasts to show up and all can then satisfy their craving to play foosball. In fact, that's exactly the principle that lead to the creation of this Southern Foosball Program. It's a popular practice for these types of gatherings to eventually lead to some type of coordinated competition format. Ala-foos logo

It's my intention to include submitted information that will help any persons interested in finding foosball activity in areas scattered throughout the Southeastern USA. If you know of places where coordinated efforts have established an event, whether it's every-week, bi-weekly, or even monthly, if it's presented in sportsmanlike fashion and if it's open to anyone to participate, please submit this information to It's very likely we will add that information here so that possibly others will learn of it and open the door for the possibility of growth in the local player base.