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Pictured is Chuck Shikle & Jeremy Monroe vs James Porter & Cheryl Lowe during 2019 foosball tournament action at Madison Station in North Alabama.

Foosball enthusiasts all over the country enjoy participating in weekly foosball tournaments and/or sometimes league competition. It's possible that there may be a group of foosball enthusiasts already coordinating events in your area. If so, you should take advantage of the opportunity and get out and participate. Find a place to participate/create a place to participate. Need help coordinating these types events in your area; don’t hesitate to contact Tornado of Alabama. ...more

Listed below is information about local foosball action in Alabama including known popular foosball table locations along with foosball tournament events and the eventual collected resulting information, all of which, creates our Alabama Foosball Program. Information is usually updated during the first five days of each month-if not before; however, all is subject to change at any moment--you should check back often for possibly updated information. I would also suggest that prior to making a long drive to participate, you should first contact someone "in the know" to get an idea of current activity status. Sometimes the turnout and player participation varies. As a result, the weekly events are usually notification status, which means an announcement is circulated when a potential for substantial player participation is expected or when someone has committed to being present for pick-up games and/or is intending to coordinate the scheduled event with enough interest. Now a days, the regular participants will communicate via group messaging methods to predict player participation status prior to the events. Be "in the know", join the group messaging notifications process—submit contact preferences [HERE]. .....Otherwise, follow [ALABAMA FOOSBALL PROGRAM ON FACEBOOK] for those notifications.


Alabama's popular foosball table & tournament locations:

1819 Bassett Avenue SE - Decatur,AL. ......[PHOTO]

8694 Madison Blvd - Madison,AL. ......[PHOTO]

323 2nd Ave SW Downtown - Cullman,AL. ......[PHOTO]

11799 Dauphin Island Parkway - Theodore,AL. ......[PHOTO] [2]
(Mobile area foosball tournaments)

5428 Halls Mill Road - Mobile,AL. ......[PHOTO]

3800 Gulf Shores Pkwy Suite 210 – Gulf Shores,AL.

Every Week Tournaments:

1819 Bassett Avenue SE, Decatur,AL. ...w/two tables [PHOTO]
7 PM Draw-for-Partners - w/spot' format
.....$10 entry fee - 100% payback! ...Please don't be late!
*Warning! The location has a forfeiture and must leave the premises policy
for anyone raising their voice in controversy. No exceptions.

8694 Madison Blvd - Madison,AL. ...w/two tables [PHOTO]
Bama Foos Logo
7 PM Draw-for-Partners - w/spot' format
.....$10 entry fee - 100% payback! ...Please don't be late!
1819 Bassett Avenue SE, Decatur,AL. ...w/two tables [PHOTO]
8 PM Bring Your Partner Doubles - w/spot' format
.....$10 entry fee - 100% payback! ...Please don't be late!
*Warning! The location has a forfeiture and must leave the premises policy
for anyone raising their voice in controversy. No exceptions.

Ala-foos logo
*Unless otherwise noted, $10 entry 100% payback.
*The every week schedule is projected tournaments and are notification status at this time.
*Alternate participating options include:
Mr. Recruiter, Buddy System, or Iron Man.
.....Rules Violation Protection .....current foosball tournament notes & announcements


Periodic Special Tournaments:

February 29th 2020 $1,000 Bama "Bad Boy" Showdown ... Fri. & Saturday at 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards in Decatur,AL. [RESULTS]
February 1st 2020 $250 Added! North Alabama Open ... Fri. & Saturday at 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards in Decatur,AL. [RESULTS]
December 6th 2019 $50 Added! Mr. Hot Shot! - FoosFriday ...7pm Goalie Wars w/$50-first place, Open Doubles @8pm ...$10 entry each event /6 Pockets
November 27th 2019 $50 Added! Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)...$10 entry - 7pm/Don't be late! @ 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards
November 2nd 2019 $50 Added! Decatur Open BYP ...$10 entry - Saturday 7pm/Don't be late! @ 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards
September 16th 2019 $50 Added! Foos-Monday/Open DYP ...$10 entry - 7pm/Don't be late! @ Madison Station Bar & Grill
August 4th 2019 WHO'S BAD??/Open Singles ...Sunday at 3pm-$20 entry fee, and at 4pm Spot'DYP - $10 entry/Don't be late!! @Outbreak Games
July 20th 2019 Decatur $60 Added! Open FoosBlitz ...Saturday at 5pm Open Draw, and at 7pm Open Doubles - $10 entry/Don't be late!! @6 Pockets
March 9th 2019 Decatur Open FoosFight ...Saturday at 5pm Open Draw, and at 7pm Open Doubles - $10 entry fee. 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards
February 15-16 2019 $200 Added! North Alabama Open ... Fri. & Saturday at 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards in Decatur,AL. [RESULTS]
February 2nd 2019 Decatur Open FoosFight ...Saturday at 5pm Open Singles, and at 7pm Open Doubles - $10 entry fee. 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards
January 18th 2019 Foos-Friday DYP ...$10 entry - 7pm Open DYP at the Cullman Rack'n Cue Family Billiards
June 8th 2018 $100 Added! Foos-Friday ...$10 entry - 7pm Spot'DYP at Cullman Bowling Center
May 18th 2018 $20 Added! Darby's Friday Night Foos'n - Open Singles 6pm & DYP 8pm ...$10 entry at Cullman Bowling Center
May 12th 2018 $150 Added! Cullman Open FoosBash ...Saturday Open Singles 1pm, Open DYP 3pm, Open Doubles 6pm, Cullman,AL
May 5th 2018 $50 Added! Birmingham FoosFight ...$10 entry - Open "Draw Your Partner" 8pm Saturday night at The Break Restaurant & Billiards
April 20th 2018 $50 Added! Friday FoosBlitz ...$10 entry - Open Singles 5pm and Open Doubles 7pm Friday night at Cullman Bowling Center
April 6th 2018 $50 Added! Friday FoosBlitz ...$10 entry - Open Singles 5pm and Open Doubles 7pm Friday night at Cullman Bowling Center
March 3rd 2018 $200 Added! North Alabama Open ...Saturday Open Singles 1pm, Ala-Amateur Doubles 3pm, Open DYP 3pm, Open Doubles 5pm, Cullman,AL
February 3rd 2018 Mr. Hot Shot! - FoosBash ...Saturday Forward Shootout 4pm, Open DYP 5pm, Open Doubles 7pm, Cullman,AL
January 20th 2018 Cullman Open FoosBash ...Saturday Open Singles 2pm, Open DYP 4pm, Open Doubles 6pm, Cullman,AL
January 12th 2018 Friday DYP ...$10 entry - 7pm Open DYP at the Cullman Bowling Center
January 6th 2018 $50 Added! cold weather foosin' ...$10 entry - 5pm Open Singles & 7pm Open DYP at the Cullman Bowling Center
November 4th 2017 $120 Added! Open FoosBash ...Saturday Open Singles 2pm, Ala-A Doubles 3pm, Open DYP 4pm, Open Doubles 6pm, Cullman,AL
October 29th 2017 "Spooky DYP" ...5pm Sunday at Cullman Bowling Center - $10 entry payback spot-advance format
October 6th 2017 Open Doubles ...$10 entry - 7pm Friday at Cullman Bowling Center
September 23rd 2017 $100 Added! Montgomery FoosBash ... Saturday at Ric & Mo's Bar' Grill in Montgomery,AL. Moved to Cullman![SEE INFO]
September 16th 2017 $100 Added! Open FoosBash ...$10 entry ? Open Draw 4pm and Open Doubles 7pm Saturday evening at Cullman Bowling Center
August 25th 2017 $100 Added! Open FoosBlitz ...$10 entry - Open Singles 6pm and Open BYP 8pm Friday night at Cullman Bowling Center
August 12th 2017 $130 Added! Cullman Open FoosBash ...2pm singles...draw...doubles at Cullman Bowling Center [SEE INFO]
June 10th 2017 $120 Added! Tim Bagwell Memorial FoosBash ...3pm singles...draw...doubles at Cullman Bowling Center [SEE INFO]
April 28th 2017 $50 Added! Open BYP ...$10 entry - 7pm Friday at Cullman Bowling Center
April 23rd 2017 $50 Added! Sunday Open FoosBrawl ...3pm singles...doubles at Cullman Bowling Center [SEE INFO]
April 1st 2017 $150 Added! April Foolz FoosBash ... Saturday at 6 Pocket Bar & Billiards in Decatur,AL. [SEE INFO]
February 4th 2017 $180 added Cullman Open FoosBash ... Saturday at Cullman Bowling Center.


Tournament Results:

3-9-20 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & John Smith/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Cheryl Lowe/ 3- Jeremy Monroe & James Porter
3-2-20 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Jeremy Monroe & Nick Peterson/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 3-Dale Moore & Joe Marshall
Open Doubles champs at the 2020 Bama Bad Boy event, Jeremy Monroe & Jim Wiggs, are shown on the right during competition at 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards in Decatur,AL. 2-29-20 $1,000 Bama "Bad Boy" Showdown .....Jim Wiggs & Nick Peterson
Friday Open Singles(7 teams)
1st ...Jim Wiggs/ 2-Nick Peterson/ 3-Charlie Belcher/ 4-Al Widok
Open Draw(6 teams)
1st ...Eric Newton & Nick Peterson/ 2-Jeremy Monroe & Stephen Darby/ 3-David Bagwell & Lee Blanton/ 4-Charlie Belcher & Al Widok
Open Doubles(6 teams)
1st ...Jim Wiggs & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-David Bagwell & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Nick Peterson & Dale Moore/ 4-Stephen Darby & Al Widok
2-26-20 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Dale Moore & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Nick Peterson & Stephen Darby/ 3-Al Widok & David Burnett
2-24-20 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Chuck Shikle & David Burnett/ 2-Nick Peterson & John Smith/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Joe Marshall
2-21-20 Decatur Foos-Friday (Spot'BYP)
1st ... Stephen Darby & Cheryl Lowe/ 2- Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Dale Moore & Al Widok
2-17-20 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & John Smith/ 2-Stephen Darby & David Burnett/ 3-Dale Moore & Dale Oberhausen
2-12-20 $50 Added! Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Lee Blanton/ 2-Al Widok & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Cheryl Lowe
2-10-20 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & Joe Marshall/ 2-Dale Moore & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-David Burnett & Jon Martin
2-7-20 Decatur Foos-Friday (Spot'BYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Nick Peterson & Al Widok/ 3-Jerry Stewart & Cheryl Lowe
Shown in Madison,AL. playing a weekly foosball tournament at 2-3-20 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Jeremy Monroe & Jon Martin/ 2-Chuck Shikle & David Burnett/ 3-John Smith & Joe Marshall
2-1-20 $250 Added! North Alabama Open/in Decatur
Friday Open Singles(5 teams)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Chris Forsyth/ 3-Jerry Stewart/ 4-Stephen Darby
Open Draw(9 teams)
1st ...Al Widok & Nick Peterson/ 2-Steve Dodgen & David Burnett/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Jim Wiggs/ 4-Stephen Darby & Dale Moore
Open Doubles(9 teams)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Nick Peterson & Chris Forsyth/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Jim Wiggs/ 4-Steve Dodgen & Ken Williams
1-27-20 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Dale Moore & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Chuck Shikle & James Porter/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Cheryl Lowe
1-20-20 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Nick Peterson & Cheryl Lowe/ 3-Chuck Shikle & Jon Martin
1-17-20 Decatur Foos-Friday (Spot'BYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Stephen Darby/ 3-Dale Moore & Al Widok/ 4-Joe Marshall & David Burnett
1-13-20 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Jerry Stewart-Iron Man/ 2-Jeremy Monroe & Cheryl Lowe/ 3-Stephen Darby & John Smith
1-10-20 Decatur Foos-Friday (Spot'BYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-Dale Moore & Al Widok/ 4-Stephen Darby & David Bagwell
1-6-20 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Nick Peterson/ 2-Dale Moore & Cheryl Lowe/ 3-Chuck Shikle & James Porter
12-30-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Cheryl Lowe/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jon Martin/ 3-Dale Moore & Garet Peterson
12-27-19 Decatur Foos-Friday (Spot'BYP)
1st ...Dale Moore & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Nick Peterson/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Stephen Darby/ 4-Brian Burnett & Cheryl Lowe
12-23-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & Jon Martin/ 2-Dale Moore & Al Widok/ 3-Chuck Shikle & Mike Lowe
12-20-19 Decatur Foos-Friday (Spot'BYP)
1st ...Dale Moore & Al Widok/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Joe Marshall & Dave Thomas/ 4-Stephen Darby & Nick Peterson
12-16-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Chuck Shikle & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Lee Blanton & John Smith/ 3-James Porter & Jon Martin
12-9-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Cheryl Lowe & Nick Peterson/ 2-Chuck Shikle & John Smith/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & James Porter
12-8-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Kevin Skaltsis & Ricky Smith/ 2-Randy Raposo & Mickey Dunn/ 3- Nick Peterson & Al Widok
12-6-19 $50 Added! "Mr. Hot Shot" Foos-Friday/in Decatur
Mr. Hot Shot! Goalie Wars
1st ...Al Widok/ 2-Jeremy Monroe/ 3-Nick Peterson
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Nick Perterson/ 2-Kevin Skaltsis & Randy Raposo/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Dale Moore
11-27-19 $50 Added! Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Al Widok & Dale Moore
Shown in Madison,AL. playing foosball is Dale Oberhausen, Jon Martin, Dale Moore, and Jerry Stewart November of 2019. 11-25-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Nick Peterson/ 2-James Porter & John Smith/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Jon Martin
11-18-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Chuck Shikle & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-James Porter & Cheryl Lowe/ 3-Jon Martin & John Smith
11-4-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Jerry Stewart & Dale Moore/ 2-James Porter & Chuck Shikle/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Cheryl Lowe
11-2-19 Decatur $50 Added! Open BYP
Spot DYP
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 2-Jerry Stewart & Mickey Dunn/ 3-Nick Peterson & Cheryl Lowe
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Stephen Darby & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-David Burnett & Mickey Dunn
10-7-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 2-John Smith & Joe Marshall/ 3-Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart
10-6-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'Singles)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Jerry Stewart/ 3-Mickey Dunn
10-2-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Joe Marshall/ 2-Jerry Stewart & Jon Martin/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Bill Darby
9-30-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & John Smith/ 2-Nick Peterson & Chuck Shikle/ 3-Dale Oberhausen & Rodney Jenkins
Spot'DYP #2
1st ...Dale Oberhausen & Rodney Jenkins/ 2-John Smith & David Burnett/ 3-Nick Peterson & James Porter
9-23-19 Madison Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & John Smith/ 2-David Burnett & Stephen Darby/ 3-Dale Moore & Dale Oberhausen
9-16-19 Madison Foos-Monday $50 Added!
Open DYP
1st ...Jerry Stewart & Chuck Shikle/ 2-James Porter & Dave Thomas/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Marty Goodman
Pictured is foosball tournament action at 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards in Decatur,AL. 8-21-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Incomplete but top 3 teams were: Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ Nick Peterson & Bryan Burnett/ 3-Al Widok & Jon Martin
8-18-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'Singles)
1st ...Jerry Stewart/ 2-Ricky Smith/ 3-Mickey Dunn/ 4-Mike Hickey
8-14-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Incomplete but top 3 teams were: Al Widok & Nick Peterson/ Chuck Shikle & James Porter/ 3- Jon Martin & Garet Peterson
8-11-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Al Widok/ 2-Stephen Darby & Ricky Smith/ 3-Jerry Stewart & Mickey Dunn
WHO'S BAD? Open Singles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Stephen Darby/ 3-Nick Peterson
8-7-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 2-Joe Marshall(Iron Man)/ 3-James Porter & John Smith
8-4-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Dale Moore & Stephen Darby/ 3-Rodney Jenkins & Mickey Dunn
WHO'S BAD? Open Singles
1st ...Stephen Darby/ 2-Jerry Stewart/ 3-Nick Peterson
7-20-19 Decatur $60 Added! Open FoosBlitz
Open DYP
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 2-Stephen Darby & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Al Widok & Chuck Shikle
Open Doubles
1st ...Stephen Darby & Al Widok/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 3-Dale Moore & Jerry Stewart/ 4-Nick Peterson & Chuck Shikle
7-17-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Eric Traynor/ 2-Joe Marshall & Jon Martin/ 3-David Burnett & Robert Owen
Pictured is foosball tournament action at Outbreak Games in Hanceville,AL. 7-14-19 Hanceville Foos-Sunday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Dale Moore & Ricky Smith/ 3-Mike Hudson & Bill Darby
7-12-19 Hanceville Foos-Friday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Stephen Darby/ 2-Dale Moore & Ricky Smith/ 3-Jerry Stewart...Iron Man
7-10-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Bill Darby/ 2-James Porter & Al Widok/ 3-Joe Marshall & Eric Traynor
6-23-19 Hanceville FoosinÕ (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Nick Peterson & Dale Moore/ 3-David Burnett & Jon Martin
6-19-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...David Burnett & Jon Martin/ 2-Nick Peterson & Thurman/ 3-Robert Owen & Dale Moore
6-12-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Nick Peterson/ 2-Stephen Darby & Jon Martin/ 3-Al Widok & Dale Moore
5-29-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & Chuck Shikle/ 2-David Burnett & Dave Thomas/ 3-Nick Peterson & Dale Moore
5-15-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Lee Blanton/ 2-Dale Moore & Robert Owen/ 3-David Burnett & Chuck Shikle
5-1-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Jeremy Monroe & Robert Owen/ 2-Chuck Shikle & Brian Burnett/ 3-Stephen Darby & John Smith
4-20-19 Decatur Saturday FoosDYP
Open DYP
1st ...Robert Owen & David Bagwell/ 2-Al Widok & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Nick Peterson & Dale Moore
Open DYP#2
1st ...David Bagwell & Al Widok/ 2-Dale Moore & Dave Thomas/ 3-David Burnett & Jerry Stewart
Pictured is Jerry Stewart & Jeremy Monroe vs Al Widok & Stephen Darby during 2019 foosball tournament action at 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards in Decatur,AL. 3-9-19 Decatur Saturday FoosFight!
Open DYP
1st ...Lee Blanton & David Burnett/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jon Martin/ 3-Jerry Stewart & James Porter
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jon Martin/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart/ 3-David Burnett & Lee Blanton
2-27-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & Chuck Shikle/ 2-David Burnett & Gary Truxall/ 3-Garet Peterson & Joe Marshall
2-16-19 $200 Added! North Alabama Open/in Decatur
Friday Open DYP(6 teams)
1st ...Jeremy Monroe & Garet Peterson/ 2-Nick Peterson & James Porter/ 3-David Burnett & Jerry Stewart/
Open Singles(17 teams)
1st ...Randy Raposo/ 2-Wayne Patrick/ 3-Shannon Coley/ 4-Toby Sullivan
Open Doubles(12 teams)
1st ...Shannon Coley & Keith Bates/ 2- Bruce Stancil & Todd Brooks/ 3-Wayne Patrick & Mickey Munger/ 4-Jim Wiggs & James Porter
2-2-19 Decatur Saturday FoosFight! (Spot Advance)
Draw Your Partner
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & David Burnett/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-Jerry Stewart & Brian Burnett
Singles 1st ...Nick Peterson/ 2-Rodney Jenkins/ 3-Jerry Stewart
1-30-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Jerry Stewart & John Smith/ 2-Jeremy Monroe & David Burnett/ 3-Stephen Darby & James Porter
1-23-19 Decatur Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & David Burnett/ 2-Lee Blanton(IronMan)/ 3-Chuck Shikle & Gary Truxall
1-21-19 Cullman Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Brian Burnett/ 2-Stephen Darby & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-Al Widok & David Burnett
1-18-19 Cullman Foos-Friday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jeff Deskins/ 2-Al Widok & Gene Leonard/ 3-Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart
1-15-19 Cullman Foos-Tuesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Al Widok & Chuck Shikle/ 2-Nick Peterson & David Burnett/ 3-Ray Ayers & Rodney Jenkins
DYP #2 (Spot'Advance)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Stephen Darby/ 2-David & Brian Burnett/ 3-Al Widok & Ray Ayers
6-8-18 $100 Added! Foos-Friday (Spot'DYP)/in Cullman
Draw Your Partner
1st ...Stephen Darby & Mike Camp/ 2-Danny Bagwell & Bill Darby/ 3-Jerry Stewart & Lucas Boyd
5-18-18 Darby's Cullman "Friday Night Foos'n" (Open Singles)
$20 Added! Open Singles
1st ...Nick Peterson/ 2-Steve Perry/ 3-Jerry Stewart
DYP (Spot'Advance)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Jerry Stewart
Locals battling during tournament competition in Cullman, David Bagwell & Lee Blanton vs. Jim Wiggs & Ray Ayers. 5-12-18 $150 Added! Cullman FoosBash/in Cullman
Open Singles
1st ...David Bagwell/ 2-Rodney Jenkins/ 3- Jim Wiggs/ 4-Danny Bagwell
Open Draw
1st ...Danny Bagwell & Jim Wiggs/ 2-David Bagwell & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Ken Williams & Lucas Boyd/ 4-Nick Peterson & Ricky Smith
Open Doubles
1st ...Danny Bagwell & David Bagwell/ 2- Rodney Jenkins & Jim Wiggs/ 3-Nick Peterson & Ken Williams/ 4-Jeremy Monroe & Lucas Boyd
5-5-18 $50 Added! Birmingham FoosFight/(Open DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Randy Raposo & Al Widok/ 3-Nick Peterson & Rodney Jenkins
4-20-18 $50 Added! Friday FoosBlitz/in Cullman
Open Singles
1st ...David Bagwell/ 2-Jim Wiggs/ 3-Nick Peterson
Open Doubles
1st ...David Bagwell & Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Danny Bagwell & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Nick Peterson & Jim Wiggs
4-12-18 Decatur Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Jeremy Monroe & Al Widok/ Nick Peterson, Dale Moore.
4-6-18 $50 Added! Friday FoosBlitz/in Cullman
Open Singles
1st ...Jeremy Monroe/ 2-David Bagwell/ 3-Jim Wiggs
Open Doubles
1st ...Stephen Darby & Nick Peterson/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Al Widok/ 3-Dale Moore & Matt Kuemmel
3-30-18 Darby's Cullman "Friday Night Foos'n" (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Nick Peterson & Al Widok/ 3-Garet Peterson & Ray Ayers
3-3-18 $200 Added North Alabama Open/in Cullman
Open Singles
1st ...Liem Le/ 2-Jim Wiggs/ 3-Randy Raposo/ 4-Stephen Darby
Open Draw
1st ...Liem Le & Jim Wiggs/ 2-Cindy Head & Jimmie Starrett/ 3-Rodney Jenkins & Ray Ayers/ 4-Randy Raposo & Al Widok
Open Doubles
1st ...Liem Le & Chad Buckley/ 2- Rodney Jenkins & Billy Caylor/ 3-David Bagwell & Ray Ayers/ 4-Ken Williams & David Burnett
2-25-18 Cullman Foos-Sunday
1st ...Steve Perry & Mike Camp/ 2-Ricky Smith & Rodney Jenkins/ Austin & The Undertaker
2-22-18 Cullman Foos-Thursday (Spot'Singles)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Al Widok/ 3-Stephen Darby
2-13-18 Cullman Foos-Tuesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Ray Ayers/ 2-Al Widok & Kevin Allen/ 3-Nick Peterson & Rodney Jenkins
2-11-18 Cullman "Sunday DYP" (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Lucas Boyd/ 2-Al Widok & Rodney Jenkins/ 3-Steve Perry & Ricky Smith
2-3-18 $140 Added Mr. Hot Shot! FoosBash/in Cullman
Mr. Hot Shot! Forward Shootout
1st ...Jim Wiggs/ 2-Jeremy Monroe/
Open Draw
1st ...Nick Peterson & Stephen Darby/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Ray Ayers/ 3-Jim Wiggs & Al Widok
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jim Wiggs/ 2-Nick Peterson & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-Dale Moore & David Bagwell
1-20-18 $100 Added Cullman Open FoosBash/in Cullman
Open Singles
1st ...Nick Peterson/ 2-Rodney Jenkins/ 3-Jim Wiggs
Open Draw
1st ...Nick Peterson & Stephen Darby/ 2-Steve Perry & Rodney Jenkins/ 3-Jim Wiggs & Jeremy Monroe
Open Doubles
1st ...Jim Wiggs & Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Nick Peterson & Dale Moore/ 3-Steve Perry & Mike Fondren
1-12-18 $20 Added Friday Open DYP/at Cullman Bowling Center
1st ...Nick Peterson & Stephen Darby/ 2-Jeremy Monroe & Lucas Boyd/ 3-Rodney Jenkins & Zach Johnson
1-6-18 $50 Added cold weather foosin'/in Cullman
Open Singles
1st ...Jim Wiggs/ 2-Randy Raposo/ 3-Rodney Jenkins
Open Doubles
1st ...Jim Wiggs & Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Nick Peterson & Steve Perry/ 3-Al Widok & Jeremy Monroe

Handing out cash money!
Picture was taken at 2019 Tornado World Championships in Lexington,KY.
1230....Rodney Jenkins
945......Nick Peterson
880......Jerry Stewart
710......Jeremy Monroe
530......Stephen Darby
495......David Burnett
430......James Porter
370......Al Widok
320......Jim Wiggs
320......Chuck Shikle
255......Dale Moore
210......John Smith
195......Jon Martin
180......Shannon Coley
150......Keith Bates
140......Lee Blanton
130......Randy Raposo
130......Cheryl Lowe
100......David Bagwell
100......Chris Forsyth
100......Wayne Patrick
90........Robert Owen
90........Joe Marshall
75........Bruce Stancil
75........Todd Brooks
75........Todd Brooks
75........Eric Newton
55........Bryan Burnett
50........Steve Dodgen
40........Garet Peterson
40........Mickey Munger
40........Jeff Deskins
40........Bill Darby
40........Ricky Smith
40........Eric Traynor
40........Kevin Skaltsis
30........Dale Oberhausen
25........Dave Thomas
10........Mickey Dunn
10........Toby Sullivan
10........Marty Goodman
10........Charlie Belcher

(For the period Beginning in January 2019 through present)


I have sad news to share: a long-time foosball player, Jeff Deskins, has passed away this May 5th--reportedly after suffering a heart attack at his home. Jeffery Deskins, of Jasper in North Alabama, was a participant in our Alabama Foosball Program events for many years sometimes regularly and sometimes occasionally. He loved to play foosball and was a very skilled player. He could smash a long pull shot as hard and accurate as anybody that I've ever seen play the game. He liked to move the ball around quickly on the five-roll before eventually delivering his unique passing series to his three-roll. While he mostly played the forward position, he was actually an excellent goalie as well. Of all the tournament events that he and I were ever teamed together, I'm pretty sure that we won every single one of them--most oftenly, it would be he that would score a crucial or winning point from a goalie shot he executed. I can remember these things because Jeff was the type that loved to keep you reminded of all his great performances whether it be with you or against you. When Jeff was regularly active playing foosball he was a tough foosball competitor, he and his most often teamed with partner and long-time friend, Jerry Stewart were tough to beat. Jeff was a great guy and one of those I loved to see show up to play, I will miss him tremendously as I know that all of you his friends will as well. My heart felt condolences are extended to all his friends and especially to his family. [IN MEMORY OF]
Rodney Jenkins
The $1,000 Bama "Bad Boy" Showdown This Decatur,Alabama foosball tournament was somewhat lightly participated due partially to the flu virus going around, but those players in attendance created an entertaining foosball playing battleground for the $1,110 cash and special title that was up for grabs. Outstanding performances for the tournament by Jim Wiggs, of Springville,AL., and Nick Peterson, of Decatur,AL., will share the Bama "Bad Boy" title for this tournament. Jim Wiggs won 1st place finishes for both the open singles and the main event, open doubles. While with a solid finish for all three events, Nick Peterson captured a share of the "Bad Boy" along with a "protecting his turf nod" since it turns out that he was the only local-to-Decatur-player that participated the events. Nick Peterson and his partner, Eric Newton of the Atlanta,GA area, won the winners bracket of the open DYP which technically turned into the event final win due to an agreed split and no actual final match played. Nick also finished 3rd place in open doubles with Dale Moore and 2nd place in the open singles event. Nick was able to force a second match for the finals of open singles of which is the win that helped him capture a portion of the Bama "Bad Boy" cash and title. Congratulations to both players along with the others that helped them earn their wins. Complete results are included in the results portion of this page.
I had a great time at this tournament and had the pleasure of observing some great performances from several of our players here in North Alabama. It helped me realize just how far these guys have come recently with their ability to play foosball. I love hearing comments by the seasoned players that occasionally travel distantly to participate our tournaments “man, these guys are good!”.
Thanks to all those participating the Alabama Foosball Program, and also a major thank you must be extended to "6 Pockets Bar & Billiards" for hosting the events and the outstanding support provided including the opportunity extended for foosball here in North Alabama. ...Rodney Jenkins Pictured is players of the top two finishing teams of open DYP at the 2020 North Alabama Open tournament-Al Widok & Nick Peterson were undefeated while Steve Dodgen & David Burnett were runner up.
The $250 Added! North Alabama Open foosball tournament this past weekend turned into a fun battle for portions of right at $750. For the "open draw" and "open doubles" events on Saturday, players from surrounding areas of North and Central Alabama showed up to participate along with a few of Georgia's top players creating some very exciting and fun matches during the evening. The top two finishing teams of the nine-team open draw tournament are shown in the photo to the right. Unfortunately, they decided not to play the final match and instead agreed to split evenly the prize payout for the event. Al Widok and Nick Peterson were undefeated for the event while Steve Dodgen and David Burnett were runner up. Jeremy Monroe and Jim Wiggs placed 3rd while Stephen Darby and Dale Moore were 4th. During the open doubles event there were nine teams participating as well and the results were as follows: Rodney Jenkins and Jerry Stewart 1st place; Nick Peterson and Chris Forsyth 2nd. Jeremy Monroe and Jim Wiggs finishing 3rd with Steve Dodgen and Ken Williams 4th place. Rodney Jenkins captured open singles with Chris Forsyth at 2nd. Jerry Stewart was 3rd place and Stephen Darby 4th. Everyone did a great job helping keep the tournament matches running smoothly during the evening and we were able to finish the tournament probably a little past midnight. I had a great time seeing everyone and I thank you all very much for coming out for the event. Looking forward to the next, Rodney Jenkins.
Foosball tables are back at The Station in Madison, Alabama, a spot where the Program has hosted foosball tournament action in the past including the 2007 Alabama State Championships when Daniel Colter & Bruce Stancel defeated Blake Robertson & Shannon Coley for the main event title of the $2500 tournament action. As of now, two very nice Tornado foosball tables are on location where the locals plan to coordinate weekly DYP tournaments on Monday nights at 7pm. Madison Station Bar & Grill is located at 8694 Madison Blvd., please invite all your foos-friends out with you to enjoy the foos-fun planned for this location.
Check out the foosball tables in Hanceville, Alabama where has often been a hot spot for foosball in the past. OUTBREAK GAMES is a shop specializing in card and board games and now has two very nice Tornado foosball tables set up and will serve as a location to coordinate foosball tournaments. We've already played a few tournaments at the site and have decided to make it an EVERY WEEK foosball gathering. Make plans to join us on Sunday evenings for "Ala-Amateur only" and "spot-in-advance type" tournaments at 4pm. Anyone can play, hope to see you there. [PHOTO] [2] Pictured is players competing in the open doubles final of the 2019 North Alabama Open tournament-Shannon Coley & Keith Bates vs Bruce Stancel & Todd Brooks.
The 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards is now set up to become the new host of the Program's "EVERY WEDNESDAY" foosball tournament activity as of February 2019.
Competition of the North Alabama Open was recently presented at the "6 Pockets" location and several teams from surrounding areas turned out for the multiple event foosball tournament. Twenty-two players entered the open singles event where Randy Raposo, traveling from the B'ham area to compete, remained undefeated during the event earning the first place title. A couple of players out of Mississippi captured the open doubles title-Shannon Coley & Keith Bates. The photo shown is of the two teams playing for the championship win of the open doubles event where Shannon & Keith outlasted the come-back efforts of the Chattanooga,TN team, Bruce Stancel & Todd Brooks, in a two-match finale. Eleven teams had entered the open doubles event. Additional results are listed above.
The EVERY-WEEK tournament effort will remain, at this time, on a notification status--which means a text, or email, message will be sent to those that have requested to be informed when a turnout is expected and/or when someone will be in attendance as coordinator of a potential event. There are two or more Tornado foosball tables on location regularly at this time. Be sure to watch the schedule and announcements for periodical special events. Thanks...Rodney
I often use the back side of scrap paper to print tournament charts used on location for the foos-tournaments these days. I have a large stack of used paper that I take from which includes old foosball tournament flyers and the similar. Sometimes while using these charts what is printed on the other side grabs someone's attention. I thought I would share this one today because it took me back to fun memories of a few years back with the foosball action that we had going on at that time. This page happens to be a page that was included in one of the mail-out newsletters that I use to distribute to players via postal mail that included the tournament schedule, results and so forth--before we used the internet. This was a distribution during the summer of 1998. Notice the locations listed where we played and the tournaments that were scheduled. It turned into a fun "flash-back" as I passed the page around the tournament room. Some remembered the time period and some did not... See [OLD NEWS]. Pictured is an old photo of Bama foosball players: Ernie(Toby)Todd, Leigh O'Quinn, Terry Armstrong, & Big JOHN.
A Blast from the Past! Be sure to check out the Leigh O'Quinn photo collections that I recently added: [LEIGH O'QUINN BLAST FROM THE PAST]. Long time "Alabama Great" foosball player out of Tuscaloosa, Leigh O'Quinn, recently gave me permission to share some of his collection of photos that were taken back in the 1980's. Included are photo's taken during a foosball tournament he and Cindy Head coordinated during the early 1980's at a foosball location in Bessemer, Alabama.
The long-time foosball tournament location for the Alabama Foosball Program in Birmingham, The Break Restaurant & Billiards, sold the property and closed it's location back in November of 2018. I was recently in the Five-Points-South area where it was located and noticed that the building has already been totally demolished and removed making room for a new high-rise building to be built on the property. I mention because, I want to let those interested know that the Break owner mentioned plans to re-open the business in a different location. He also stated that he'd like to include the foosball tables but said that it would be at least a year before the new location will be ready.
As of June 2018, The Cullman Bowling Center is closed for a major remodeling project and the foosball tables have been removed for the process. Management has stated interest is to keep the foosball Program once the remodel project is complete if possible. My fingers are crossed since the property improvements will create a favorable atmosphere for the foosball activities that we've enjoyed at that site for so many years. The business improvement plans include a restaurant/bar creation. Looking forward to potentially continuing the tournament program in Cullman once the Cullman Bowling Center re-opens for business. Thanks for your patience during this period.
The Cullman Bowling Center did re-open for business; unfortunately, no room for foosball at this time.
Also, I recently removed the foosball table that was on location in Montgomery at Ric'n Moes.
See additional news at: [2018-news]

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ALABAMA FOOSBALL PROGRAM .....foosball tournament notes & information:

* At this time, the weekly events are notification status, which means announcements are circulated via [ALABAMA FOOSBALL PROGRAM ON FACEBOOK] and/or group messaging methods when a potential for substantial player participation is expected. Or, when a trusted player has committed to being present for pick-up games and that is intending to coordinate the tournament event as scheduled with enough interest.
* Unless otherwise noted, the usual format involves $10 entry fee - 100% payback! The entry fee is collected per participant and 100% of it is then used for the prize breakdown distribution. Sometimes additional cash is added with exceptional player participation. The foosball tables are normally coin-operated and participating players are required to share equally in the cost of their games.
* I don't want to invite players out to play foosball tournaments that are potentially not going to finish and/or are finishing unreasonably late. Unless otherwise announced, the tournament playoff format is double-elimination bracket-play with matches determined by the best of 3 games played on the winners side of the chart, while only 1 game played on the losers side. However, in the case that the tournament is deemed at risk of running late or past the business closing time, at that time, the tournament director shall dictate changes to the playoff format that is needed to obtain an appropriate finishing time.
* Since the double elimination tournament format creates the potential for a fair amount of foosball to be played in order to reach a winning team, the tournament coordination process needs to be time-efficient. Participating players should help the process by being on time for the events and then promptly available and ambitious to play their matches when applicable. I don't want to spoil the social enjoyment part of the foosball player gatherings but the priority should be about playing foosball. Many may have to juggle priorities with work and family in order to create their potentially limited opportunities to play foosball in this way. All pre-tournament pickup games and/or between-match practice-play involving the tournament foosball tables should end immediately upon the presents of the players that are to be involved in the matches due up to compete. Please do not hold up the tournament playoff process.
*I'm not always present to coordinate the scheduled foosball tournaments as much as I was in the past. In my absence, there's usually someone dictated to handle the tournament directing duty and, if not, the players do a great job collectively handling the process. Ultimately, it helps greatly to have a consistent process in coordinating the tournament events. I want to share, for those interested, the process one can expect when I make it out to coordinate a particular tournament: I'm expecting all interested participants to arrive the tournament location at, or just prior to, the scheduled tournament time. Upon which time, I will determine if enough participation exists and will then begin excepting sign ups with a collection of entry fees. I usually won't close the entry opportunity until after at least 15 minutes past the tournament time allowing a short grace period for potential late arrivals. My goal is, at 15 minutes past the scheduled tournament time, I want to "draw-it-up" w/creating the tournament chart while, as soon as possible, calling the affected players/teams to the foosball tables to begin playing matches.
*Late arrival entrants will be allowed, but only as applicable of two ways. In the case that you know ahead that you will be arriving only slightly late, you can request to be included in the tournament team charting process. I can hold off calling your matches until necessary allowing you as much time for arrival as possible but without delaying the tournament playoff process. Alternately, you can simply show up as soon as you can and if the appropriate spot on the tournament bracket is still applicable, you will be allowed to participate accordingly as qualified under one of the allowable options such as iron man, buddy system, or Mr. Recruiter. Be advised, I won't hold up the tournament waiting for you to arrive. Any unreasonable delays in tournament play by any team/player will be subject to proportional forfeiture processes.
*Can't make it on time? Get here when you can... Players unable to make it out for the tournament time are encouraged to arrive whenever you can. There's always the potential that you can get in the tournament action: As in the case someone is competing iron man that has declared to except the first available player as a partner, or maybe there is still an opening on the chart. If nothing else, a potential for participating some pickup games once the tournament has played out to the point when an open table becomes available.
*Do you want to learn how to play foosball? Best advice is get involved. Learning and improving your skills playing foosball will happen quickly with experience playing foosball competition. Many of our already experienced foosball tournament players would love to help you learn and improve your foosball playing ability. Seasoned players will most likely share information with you that could take you years to discover on your own. The spot-in-advance tournament and with it's added challenging strategies that it presents has proven to be an effective new player development platform. Load up all your foos-friends and bring them with you, all are welcome to participate. For those that prefer, foosball playing lessons are available for anyone interested.
* Due to the varying skill levels of the local players participating--along with an interest in creating an inviting atmosphere for the "beginner" and/or "new" player participation--the popular weekly tournament format is the spot-in-advance draw-your-partner(DYP) tournament. The format dictates the possibility of point spot advantages. For example, according to a projected "level of experience" of a team of players paired together compared to the experience level of their opponents, sometimes the format dictates one team having to score additional points in order to win a particular game during competition while the other team only has to score the traditional 5 points in order to win that game.
* During the Programs' events we will allow a protection circumstance for rule violations committed by players with limited tournament experience and those who are not yet accustom to playing by the official rules of play. The spirit of the rule violation protection procedure is to allow new players some flexibility when it comes to the rules while participating in the Programs tournaments. In other words, we don't want to discourage new players from participating our tournament events simply because they are unfamiliar with the rules of play, or perhaps their style of play may conflict a simple rule or two. We will encourage players to play by the rules but, for those that need, we will allow a grace period that will allow them to compete according to their style of play while gradually learning to play according to the official guidelines of play.
* IN MEMORY OF.....Shortly after I started playing foosball back in the very late 1970's, I became interested in creating a Angel competitive opportunity for my friends and I, and for all those in my area that enjoyed playing the game at that time. Eventually, I was encouraged to expand my tournament promotional efforts into other areas of Alabama and ultimately into the surrounding states which became an effort that I referred to as our Southern Foosball Program. Along with this project came an opportunity that I cherish, I had the privilege of meeting a lot of people of whom share the similar interest as I in this unique game/sport of foosball. Along the way, special friendships have developed and an expanded community of foosball enthusiasts exists as a result. Periodically, I receive the dreaded notifications about a fellow foosball player that has passed away. Regretfully, I usually want to share this information among the foosball community. With all due respect and condolences, I would like to keep the memory of these beloved individuals among us as we continue. Please see: [IN MEMORY OF]
Thanks, Rodney Jenkins


Direct your questions or comments to the Southern Foosball Program/Rodney Jenkins at (256) 734-6349, or by email:

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more continued... If you're reading this you'll probably agree that foosball is a very unique game. It can be very fun, and some people will say that it can be addictive. Unfortunately, in these parts it's not likely you'll have a place near you where you can walk in and find a foosball table with experienced players available for playing. It's been my suggestion that foosball players should try to establish a location where they can designate days and times for enthusiasts to show up and all can then satisfy their craving to play foosball. In fact, that's exactly the principle that lead to the creation of this Alabama/Southern Foosball Programs. It's a popular practice for these types of gatherings to eventually lead to some type of coordinated competition format. Ala-foos logo

It's my intention to include submitted information that will help any persons interested in finding foosball activity in areas scattered throughout the Southeastern USA. If you know of places where coordinated efforts have established an event, whether it's every-week, bi-weekly, or even monthly, if it's presented in sportsmanlike fashion and if it's open to anyone to participate, please submit this information to It's very likely we will add that information here so that possibly others will learn of it and open the door for the possibility of growth in the local player base.