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is an authorized dealer and promoter for Tornado Table Soccer which is a product of Valley-Dynamo, Inc., located in Richland Hills, Texas. Tornado of Alabama operates out of Cullman, Alabama and usually has, in stock, and available for sale the complete line of Tornado foosball tables and replacement parts. Tables are available also for businesses interested in coin-operated tables and/or consignment opportunities.

Tornado of Alabama is committed to offering it's products at the best prices available, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed!
Listed below is a brief description, as well as, links to larger pictures and additional information of the various models of Tornado foosball tables available through Tornado of Alabama. Keep in mind, a convenient owners' accessory kit is also available, and, occasionally, used tables are available as well.

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Foosball Tables for Sale:

Shipping may, or may not, be included with the prices listed below. Contact me directly via email:, or by phone: Rodney Jenkins (256) 734-6349, for availability and total pricing. Thanks!

StormStorm - $699

The family will appreciate the Storm as it delivers serious professional-style playability and is finished in a chestnut color that fits in a variety of home decors. See a larger picture and additional information. *Upon request, the "Fundamentals of Foosball" video tape will be included with a purchase of the owners' accessory kit along with a new Storm II or Whirlwind table.

CycloneCyclone - $949

The Cyclone’s numerous commercial features are designed to satisfy the aggressive foosball enthusiast and its sleek design with dark cherry color laminate will fit into your home perfectly. See a larger picture and additional information. ------------------------------------------------------------------

Tournament 3000Tournament 3000 - (*Out of stock!) (non coin-op)

Professional grade performance just got better. The ITSF-certified "Tournament 3000" brings home all the features of the coin-operated Tornado Platinum Tour Edition... except the coin mechanism. Featuring the upgrades that Tournament Players enjoy and have asked for. See a larger picture and additional information. *Tornado is the standard and most popular table presently used for tournament competition in the USA.

Tornado Coin-opTornado coin-operated - $1,395 (Tournament-used)

Due to its' high quality, durability, and professional playing characteristics, the Tornado coin operated foosball table is the players most popular choice among commercial foosball tables on the market today. The Tornado table is sanctioned by and used by most all major table soccer tournament associations in the USA as well as internationally. Officially sanctioned by: ITSF, USTSF, USTSA and VIFA. The Tour Edition is the Premium table preferred by discerning players and operators everywhere.
For information on availability, contact TORNADO OF ALABAMA/Rodney Jenkins at, or (256)734-6349. ------------------------------------------------------------------

Platinum Tour Edition coin-opPlatinum Tour Edition - $1,395 (Tournament-used)
The ITSF-certified Platinum Tour Edition combines the durability and solid construction found on Tornado products for years, and the upgrades that Tournament Players have asked for ------------------------------------------------------------------

Warrior foosball tableWarrior Table Soccer - $749 plus $120 shipping & handling

Warrior describes it's table as top caliber, stylish, durable, and made for the professional player but with "player friendly" playing characteristics which makes it a great choice for the casual player as well. See a larger picture and additional information. ------------------------------------------------------------------

used TornadoUsed coin-operated tables - $795 & up!

Tornado of Alabama operates foosball tables in many areas throughout the Southeast. As a result, a limited number of used coin-operated Tornado foosball tables are usually available for sale starting at $995 & up. Sometimes available, are tables that are being used for tournament competition which are in near new condition or very good condition - $1,245 each. Sometimes available also are used tables used-only for one particular weekend of tournament competition - $1,599 when available! Coin-ops can be easily converted to operate free-play. A farther reduced price is possibly available if you're interested in purchasing multiple tables. Contact Rodney, or (256)734-6349. At this time, foosball tables don't come any better than the "Tornado 2000" V-Coin. Every "coin-game operating business" shouldn't be without the Tornado coin-operated foosball tables.
For a period of several years, it's amazing how many Tornado foosball tables that have been purchased for the business or corportate office. Apparently, playing foosball has become a popular choice of recreation for stress-relief at the workplace.

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Direct your order, questions, or comments to Tornado of Alabama/Rodney Jenkins via email:, or by phone (256) 734-6349.