TORNADO OF ALABAMA is committed to customer satisfaction!

Procedures for placing your order with "Tornado of Alabama":
Contact Rodney Jenkins via either email address: jenkins@hiwaay.net, or Ala_Foos@yahoo.com. Provide an adequate description of the purchase items or services along with your method of payment and a shipping address. Payment options include check, money order, credit card, or bank account wire transfer. Send payment for the total amount of the purchase items plus shipping & handling. Payment should be made payable to "Tornado of Alabama" or Rodney Jenkins and sent to the address listed below:
If you prefer to use a credit card for your purchase, click on the Credit Card Buy Now link provided which will take you to a form that will allow you to submit your payment via PayPal.com.
I can process your order and possibly ship your purchase immediately upon receiving your payment. Unless otherwise requested, all orders will be shipped in the most economical and convenient way for the shipper (UPS, US mail, or freight). Purchases picked up here at the warehouse in Cullman, Alabama will be subject to the local sales tax rate of 8.5%.

Buy Now! Submit payments to:

Rodney Jenkins
2845 County Road 715
Cullman, Alabama 35055

Thank You!

Request a shipping quote:
Requests for quotes on shipping rates are welcome, whether its for "parts orders" or for "freight quotes required for shipping foosball tables". Contact Rodney Jenkins via email: Ala_Foos@yahoo.com. For an accurate quote, please include in your message an adequate description of the product of your interest. The weight determines the rate and the weight differs among the products available. Be sure to provide the city and zip code of your receiving address. Unless otherwise noted, all freight quotes will be the rate for commercial delivery via ABF Freight Systems, Inc., FEDEX Freight or Yellow Freight, where discounts of up to 55% on the normal shipping rates are available and possibly extended to the customer. For those interested, additional and extended delivery services for additional fees are available. The services include: residential delivery, inside delivery, personalized product placement/setup, removal of packaging, and guaranteed expedited delivery. Information & quotes for these services are available upon your request, or you can contact the freight carriers directly via their website links provided.

Foosball table shipping information:
Various shipping services are available. "Tornado of Alabama" can arrange for transportation and commercial or residential delivery services anywhere in the United States. Discounts of up to 55% off the normal shipping rates are extended to the customer. ABF Freight Systems, Inc., Watkins Motor Lines, and Yellow Freight are the major carriers used that offer normal and extended shipping services. Delivery to a business address in a commercial district anytime during normal business hours qualifies for a commercial shipping rate. Also qualifying for the commercial rate, most Freight carriers will "hold for dock pick-up", which allows the customer to pick-up the shipment once it arrives at a distributing terminal.
Residential delivery is available for additional fees. Freight companies charge an additional (approx. $79) above the commercial rate when delivering curb-side to a residential address. Other services that require additional fees are "notification services". This is the case when the shipping company is required to contact the customer prior to delivery, or if required to call and arrange for a special delivery time.
Additional extended services are available upon request, they include: guaranteed expedited delivery, inside delivery, personalized product placement/setup, and removal of packaging. These services require additional fees and quotes are available upon request.
Unless otherwise requested, the most convenient and most economical method of freight transportation will be used.

Procedures for receiving freight (foosball table) shipment:
When the shipment arrives at its destination, the receiving party should inspect thoroughly for any possible damages the shipment may have sustained during the transit process. If the packaging is torn, dented, or damaged in any way, it is a possibility that the structure inside may have been damaged as well. The customer, or receiving authority, should immediately and thoroughly inspect for possible damage, even if un-packaging the shipment is necessary. If damage exists, the extent of the damage should be noted on the bill of lading and initialed by the delivery personnel before the shipment is accepted. (If notes of damage are included on the freight bill with the driver's initials, then a damage claim can easily be processed and replacement parts quickly sent to you.) If substantial damage exists to the wooden cabinet, or if you are unsatisfied with the condition of the shipment, it is recommended that you refuse the shipment and notify "Tornado of Alabama" as soon as possible. The shipment will be directed back to its place of origin and "Tornado of Alabama" will then start the process of forwarding a replacement shipment. If the shipping company refuses to allow you to inspect the shipment, especially when the container shows possible damage, you should refuse the shipment.
*It is very important that you sign the freight bill only when you are fully satisfied with the shipping company's commitment to delivering the product to you---any exceptions should be noted on the freight bill and initialed by the driver in order to be successful with any damage claims.

Procedures for receiving shipments of parts:
All merchandise delivered, should be thoroughly inspected by customer. If any box looks dented or damaged in any way, driver must make notation and should mark any damages. Boxes opened later and then notice damage without driver making notation, is considered concealed damage. Concealed damage must be reported within 15 days and some carriers do not always cover full refunds on concealed damage items. None of this applies to items shipped UPS. Claims for damaged merchandise, or shortages due to damages, must be made directly to the carrier.

Order cancellation procedures:
The customer must contact "Tornado of Alabama" by phone and follow up with a written or emailed notification of any wish to cancel an order. Order cancellations will be allowed and processed according to the following conditions:

Return policy & procedures:
Returns on all new merchandise, within 10 days of delivery, will be accepted under reasonable circumstances. The customer must call first for a return authorization number and the following conditions will apply:

Warranty information:
After your shipment arrives and during your immediate inspection, or during the setup process, if you find a manufacturers defect, "Tornado of Alabama" will gladly work together with the manufacturer until your product is brought back to factory specifications and/or until you are fully satisfied with the product.
I've dealt with the Tornado foosball table manufacturers for at least 12 years and I can tell you from experience that the manufacturer will stand behind their product, and that they have always been fully supportive of my efforts repairing possible factory defects and/or problems.

Submit payments to:
Please send payment made payable to Rodney Jenkins and addressed as follows:

Rodney Jenkins
2845 County Road 715
Cullman, Alabama 35055
Thank You!


Direct your questions or comments to the office of "Tornado of Alabama" /Rodney Jenkins by email: Ala_Foos@yahoo.com.