Pictured is Steve Dodgen & Ken Williams vs Randy Strickland & Cheryl Lowe during 2021 foosball tournament action at Van’s Bar in Leeds, Alabama.

~2021 ALABAMA~

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December 11th 2021 $150 Added! Mr. Hot Shot! FoosBash ...Saturday at Van's Bar in Leeds,AL. [RESULTS]
December 4th 2021 $100 Added! Cullman FoosBlitz ...Saturday at German Axe Throwing Co. 3pm DYP $10 entry fee. 6pm BYP $20 entry.
November 23rd 2021 Turkey Foos-Shoot! ...at Van's Bar/Leeds,AL. 7pm Forward Shootout w/$10 entry-winner take all ... 7pm Spot'DYP.
November 20th 2021 Saturday Night BYP ...at Van's Bar in Leeds,AL. 7pm BYP Doubles $20 entry fee payback w/FoosBlitz allowances.
November 13th 2021 $140 Added! FoosBlitz ...Saturday at Van's Bar in Leeds,AL. 2pm Open DYP $10 entry. 5pm Open BYP $20 entry.
October 23rd 2021 $50 Added! Limited BYP Cancelled! ...at AxeHouse Billiards/Hoover,AL. 5pm Limited Bring Your Partner $10 entry
.....Note: For this BYP tournament, teams must include at least one player rated AA or under. Don't be late!!
October 2nd 2021 $170 Added! FoosBlitz ...Saturday at Van's Bar in Leeds,AL. 3pm Open DYP $10 entry. 5pm Open BYP $20 entry.
August 7th 2021 $100 Added! FoosBlitz...Saturday 3pm OpenSingles///5pm OpenDoubles (Entry is $20ea($10ea for AA & below teams) @Van’s Bar
July 24th 2021 $200 Added! North Alabama Open ... Saturday at Van's Bar in Leeds,AL. [RESULTS]
June 11th 2021 $50 Added! Friday FoosBlitz! ...8pm Open BYP $10 entry/Don't be late! @ Bumpers Billiards-Hoover,AL
.....Note: Two AA&under rated player teams compete w/Spot'...
May 8th 2021 $50 Added! B'ham Open BYP ...Saturday - 6pm $10 entry/Don't be late! @ Bumpers Billiards-Hoover,AL
May 5th 2021 $50 Added! Foos-Wednesday/Open DYP ...$10 entry - 7pm/Don't be late! @ Madison Station Bar & Grill
March 10th 2021 $50 Added! Foos-Wednesday/Open DYP ...$10 entry - 7pm/Don't be late! @ Madison Station Bar & Grill
March 6th 2021 Mr. Hot Shot! FoosBash ...Saturday Open Singles 5pm, Open Doubles 7pm, Bumpers Billiards-Hoover,AL


Foosball tournament action at Van’s Bar in Leeds,AL., Madison & Cullman,AL. foosball players John Smith & Lee Blanton face-off against Carbon Hill,AL. foosball players Danny & David Bagwell. 12-30-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP w/6 teams)
1st ...Wesley Parrett & Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Steve Dodgen & Jim Wiggs/ 3-Randy Strickland & Andy Gulledge
12-23-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Randy Strickland & Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Scotty Scott & Paul Gulledge/ 3-Jim Wiggs @iron man
12-16-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'Singles)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Randy Strickland/ 3-Scotty Scott/ 4-Jim Eubank/ 5-Andy Gulledge
12-15-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Terry Lamb & David Burnett/ 2-Jeremy Monroe & Krisytal Bailey/ 3-Jon Martin & John Smith
12-11-21 $150 Added! Mr. Hot Shot! FoosBash:/in Leeds,AL.
Mr. Hot Shot! Singles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Steve Dodgen/ 3-Nick Peterson & Jerry Stewart
Open Draw
1st ...Jeremy Monroe & Steve Dodgen/ 2-Wesley Parrett & Randy Strickland/ 3-Lamar Ray & Andy Gulledge
Open Doubles
1st ...Steve Dodgen & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Nick Peterson & Al Widok
12-9-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'Singles)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Scotty Scott/ 3-Randy Strickland/ 4-Mickey Dunn/ 5-Paul Gulledge
12-8-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP w/5 teams)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Mike Griffith/ 2-James Porter & Terry Lamb/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Krisytal Bailey
12-4-21 $100 Added! Cullman FoosBlitz/@German Axe Throwing Co.
Open DYP
Competition became heated during open doubles foosball action at German Axe Co. in Cullman,AL. with a game-three 4-1 come-from-behind victory for Al Widok & Stephen Darby vs Jeremy Monroe & Nick Peterson in a elimination match of the Cullman FoosBlitz. 1st ...Maggie Strong & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Randy Raposo & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Todd Huggins,MS & Cheryl Lowe
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Randy Raposo & Scotty Scott/ 3-Todd Huggins,MS & Charles Busby,MS.
12-2-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Scotty Scott/ 2-Mike Camp & Angelique Dodgen/ 3-Steve Dodgen & Mickey Dunn
12-1-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Terry Lamb & Jon Martin/ 2-David Burnett & John Smith/ 3-Nick Peterson & James Porter
11-23-21 Turkey Foos-Shoot!/in Leeds,AL.
Forward Shootout
1st ...Mike Camp/ 2-Al Widok/ 3-Jerry Stewart & Scotty Scott
1st ...Mike Camp & Randy Strickland/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Al Widok/ 3-Scotty Scott & Mickey Dunn
11-20-21 Saturday Night BYP/in Leeds,AL.
BYP Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jim Wiggs/ 2-Nick Peterson & Stephen Darby/ 3-Al Widok & Jerry Stewart
11-18-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Steve Dodgen & Paul Gulledge/ 2-Mickey Dunn & Mike Camp/ 3-Randy Strickland & Rodney Jenkins
11-17-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP w/6 teams)
1st ...Nick Peterson & John Smith/ 2-James Porter & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-Stephen Darby & Cheryl Lowe
Open DYP foosball action at Van's Bar in Leeds,AL. with Tony Orr shown on the left competing in a match vs Jon Martin & Terry Lamb. 11-13-21 $140 Added! Open FoosBlitz/in Leeds,AL. ...... [PHOTO]
Open DYP(w/8 teams)
1st ...Nick Peterson & John Smith/ 2-Terry Lamb & Rodney Jenkins/ 3-David Bagwell & Lee Blanton
Open BYP(w/7 teams)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Jim Wiggs/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Al Widok/ 3-Stephen Darby & Jerry Stewart
11-11-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Randy Strickland/ 2-Scotty Scott & Andy Gulledge/ 3-Mickey Dunn & Chris Jefferies
11-10-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Jon Martin & Terry Lamb/ 2-John Smith & David Burnett/ 3-James Porter & Nick Peterson
11-4-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Randy Strickland/ 2-Jerry Stewart & Scotty Scott/ 3-Steve Dodgen & Chris Jefferies
10-28-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Stephen Darby & Al Widok/ 3-Mickey Dunn & Randy Strickland
10-21-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Mike Camp/ 2-Stephen Darby & Lamar Ray/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Randy Strickland
10-20-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP w/3 teams)
1st ...Dale Oberhausen & Terry Lamb/ 2-Cheryl Lowe & Jon Martin/ 3-James Porter & John Smith
10-14-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'Singles)
1st ...Dale Moore/ 2-Randy Strickland/ 3-Scotty Scott
10-8-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Claire Jenkins/ 2-Scotty Scott & Tony Orr/ 3-Randy Strickland & Mickey Dunn
10-7-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP w/5 teams)
1st ...Cheryl Lowe & Rodney Jenkins/ 2-James Porter & Terry Lamb/ 3-Nick Peterson & David Burnett
Open BYP foosball action at Van's Bar in Leeds,AL. with the event champs Steve Dodgen & Ken Williams shown on the left competing in a match vs Randy Strickland & Cheryl Lowe of which had already taken down the top seeded team of the tournament. 10-2-21 $170 Added! Open FoosBlitz/in Leeds,AL.
Open DYP(w/10 teams)
1st ...Chris Forsyth & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Lamar Ray & Len Deese/ 3-Nick Peterson & Johnnie Travis
Open BYP(w/9 teams)
1st ...Steve Dodgen & Ken Williams/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Scotty Scott/ 3-Dale Moore & Mike Camp
9-30-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP w/5 teams)
1st ...Steve Dodgen & Jerry Stewart/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Dale Moore/ 3-Stephen Darby & Scotty Scott
9-23-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP w/7 teams)
1st ...Al Widok & Scotty Scott/ 2-Randy Strickland & Stephen Darby/ 3-Mickey Dunn & Jeremy Monroe
9-16-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Andy Gulledge/ 2-Scotty Scott & Mickey Dunn/ 3-Randy Strickland & Chris Jefferies
8-26-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Dale Moore/ 2-Scotty Scott & Randy Strickland/ 3-Jim Wiggs (iron man)
8-19-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Scotty Scott/ 2-Jeremy Monroe & Randy Strickland/ 3-Stephen Darby & Mickey Dunn
8-12-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP w/6 teams)
1st ...Steve Dodgen & Mickey Dunn/ 2-Dale Moore & Ken Williams/ 3-Mike Camp & Wesley Parrett
8-11-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & John Smith/ 2-Nick Peterson & Mike Griffith/ 3-Cheryl Lowe & Robert Owen
8-9-21 Hoover,AL Foos-Monday (Spot'DYP w/5 teams)
1st ...Chris Whatley & Mike Camp/ 2-Randy Strickland & Scotty Scott/ 3-Lamar Ray & Jeremy Monroe
8-7-21 $100 Added! Open FoosBlitz/in Leeds,AL.
Open Singles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Al Widok/ 3-Ken Williams
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Al Widok/ 2-Ken Williams & Jim Wiggs/ 3-Jim Eubank & Mike Camp
Spot’DYP action at Van’s Bar in Leeds,AL., Alexander City,AL. foosball players Wesley Parrett & Lamar Ray face-off against Birmingham area foosball players Dale Moore & Mickey Dunn. 8-5-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Photo shown at right)
1st ...Jerry Stewart & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Dale Moore & Mickey Dunn/ 3-Lamar Ray & Wesley Parrett
7-29-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP w/4 teams)
1st ...Steve Dodgen & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Scotty Scott/ 3-Jim Wiggs (iron man)
7-24-21 $200 Added! North Alabama Open/in Leeds,AL.
Open Singles
1st ...Al Widok/ 2-Ken Williams/ 3-Jerry Stewart/ 4-David Bagwell
Open Draw
1st ...Nick Peterson & Steve Dodgen/ 2-Maggie Strong & Randy Strickland/ 3-Terry Lamb & Cheryl Lowe/ 4-Ken Williams & Lamar Ray
Open Doubles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Dale Moore/ 2-Ken Williams & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Terry Lamb & John Smith/ 4-Maggie Strong & Cheryl Lowe
7-22-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP w/5 teams)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins (iron man)/ 2-Randy Strickland & Jim Eubank/ 3-Scotty Scott & Mickey Dunn
7-15-21 Leeds,AL Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP w/5 teams)
1st ...Randy Raposo (iron man)/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Jim Eubank/ 3-Randy Strickland & Jerry Stewart
7-7-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP w/7 teams)
1st ...Nick Peterson & James Porter/ 2-Maggie Strong & Mike Griffith/ 3-Rodney Jenkins & Lee Blanton
6-30-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Mike Griffith/ 2-James Porter & Lee Blanton/ 3- John Smith & Robert Owen
Foosball action of tournament competition at Madison Station Bar & Billiards in Alabama. 6-23-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & John Smith/ 2-James Porter & Cheryl Lowe/ 3-Nick Peterson & Mike Griffith
6-17-21 Madison Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Cheryl Lowe & Randy Strickland/ 2-John Smith & Scotty Scott/ 3-Terry Lamb & Mike Griffith
6-11-21 $50 Added! Friday FoosBlitz! in Hoover,AL. (Spot'BYP)
1st ...Jim Wiggs & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Randy Raposo & Mickey Dunn/ 3-Rodney Jenkins & Dale Moore
6-10-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Jeremy Monroe & Scotty Scott/ 2-Mike Camp & Rodney Jenkins/ 3-Randy Strickland & Mickey Dunn
6-9-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Cheryl Lowe/ 2-James Porter & John Smith/ 3-Terry Lamb & Mike Griffith
6-3-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Stephen Darby & Randy Strickland/ 2-Mike Camp & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-Scotty Scott & Al Widok
6-2-21 Madison Foos-Wednesday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...James Porter & Mike Griffith/ 2-Terry Lamb & John Smith/ 3-Nick Peterson & David Burnett
5-28-21 Birmingham Friday Foos-Fight! (Spot'BYP)
1st ... Rodney Jenkins & Mike Camp/ 2-Jeremy Monroe & Krisytal Bailey/ 3-Randy Strickland & Jerry Stewart
5-27-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Randy Raposo & Mickey Dunn/ 2-Jeremy Monroe & Rodney Aucoin/ 3-Lamar Ray & Rodney Jenkins
5-20-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'Singles)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Jerry Stewart/ 3-Scotty Scott/ 4-Mike Camp/ 5-Randy Strickland
5-13-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Randy Raposo/ 2-Randy Strickland & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Jim Eubank & Scotty Scott
Spot’DYP action at Bumpers Billiards in Hoover,AL., Birmingham area foosball players Randy Raposo & Dale Moore vs Mike Camp & Scotty Scott. 5-8-21 $50 Added! B'ham Open BYP
1st ...Randy Raposo & Dale Moore/ 2-Stephen Darby & Al Widok/ 3-Nick Peterson & Jim Wiggs
5-6-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Randy Strickland & Scotty Scott/ 2-Stephen Darby & Dale Moore/ 3-Lamar Ray & Al Widok
5-5-21 $50 Added! Madison Foos-Wednesday (Open DYP)
1st ...Nick Peterson & Al Widok/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & (iron man)/ 3-Jeremy Monroe & Terry Lamb
4-29-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Randy Strickland/ 2-Dale Moore & Jim Eubank/ 3-Mike Camp & Scotty Scott
4-22-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Dale Moore/ 2-Mike Camp & Pat Bishop/ 3-Randy Strickland & Scotty Scott
4-8-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'Singles)
1st ...Dale Moore/ 2-Mike Camp/ 3-Jim Eubank
4-1-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Dale Moore & Randy Strickland/ 2-Jim Eubank & Scotty Scott/ 3-Mickey Dunn & Mike Camp
3-18-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Nick Peterson & Scotty Scott/ 3-Dale Moore & Randy Strickland
3-11-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Scotty Scott/ 2-Steve Dodgen & Jerry Stewart/ 3-Dale Moore & Randy Strickland
3-10-21 $50 Added! Madison Foos-Wednesday (Open DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Micheal Griffith/ 2-Jeremy Monroe & Terry Lamb/ 3-John Smith & James Porter
3-6-21 Mr. Hot Shot! Foosbash/in Hoover,AL.
Mr. Hot Shot! Open Singles
1st ...Rodney Jenkins/ 2-Jim Wiggs/ 3-Nick Peterson/ 3-Jerry Stewart
Open Doubles
1st ...Nick Peterson & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Jerry Stewart & Al Widok/ 3-Jim Wiggs & Dale Moore
3-4-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Rodney Jenkins & Jeremy Monroe/ 2-Randy Raposo & Barry Gilliland/ 3-Jerry Stewart & Terry Lamb
2-25-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Randy Raposo & Randy Strickland/ 2-Dale Moore & Scotty Scott/ 3-Mickey Dunn & Mike Camp
Pictured is players playing finals of Feb. 4, 2021 DYP in Hoover, Alabama. 2-18-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Randy Strickland & Scotty Scott/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Mickey Dunn/ 3-Steve Dodgen & Mike Camp
2-11-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Dale Moore & Stephen Darby/ 2-Rodney Jenkins & Pat Bishop/ 3-Lamar Ray & Randy Strickland
2-4-21 Birmingham Foos-Thursday (Spot'DYP)
1st ...Steve Dodgen & Stephen Darby/ 2-Dale Moore & Jeremy Monroe/ 3-Lamar Ray & Rodney Jenkins
1-22-21 Madison Foos-Friday (DYP)
1st ...Jeremy Monroe & John Smith/ 2-Nick Peterson & Cheryl Lowe/ 3-Dave Thomas & Terry Lamb
1-9-21 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards cash added! "Jeremy's TKO"/in Decatur
Open Draw
1st ...Daniel Colter & Terry Couch/ 2-Paul Renken & Hannah Smith/ 3-Stephen Darby & Bruce Stancil
Open Doubles
1st ...Daniel Colter & Dale Moore/ 2-Steve Dodgen & Randy Raposo/ 3-Eddie Mubarak & Paul Renken

See additional results at [2020-AL]

Handing out cash money!
Picture was taken at 2019 Tornado World Championships in Lexington,KY.
1820....Rodney Jenkins
745......Steve Dodgen
660......Dale Moore
650......Jeremy Monroe
635......Nick Peterson
545......Randy Strickland
530......Randy Raposo
465......Jerry Stewart
415......Al Widok
410......Scotty Scott
340......Daniel Colter
295......Terry Lamb
265......Jim Wiggs
260......Ken Williams
225......Stephen Darby
225......Mike Camp
220......John Smith
185......Mike Griffith
160......James Porter
155......Cheryl Lowe
135......Maggie Strong
110......Terry Couch
95........Wesley Parrett
95........Paul Renken
90........Mickey Dunn
80........Jon Martin
75........Chris Forsyth
60........Rodney Aucoin
55........Hannah Smith
50........Lamar Ray
45........Paul Gulledge
40........Claire Jenkins
40........Eddie Mubarak
40........Chris Whatley
40........Andy Gulledge
40........Len Deese
40........David Burnett
30........Dale Oberhausen
25........Bruce Stancil
20........Barry Gilliland
20........Jim Eubank
20........Lee Blanton
20........Johnnie Travis
10........David Bagwell
10........Pat Bishop

(For the period Beginning in January 2021 through December 2021)


Ala-foos logo

9-7-2021 Cullman, Alabama's foosball player, Stephen Darby, is shown on the left while competing during the championship match of Amateur Singles at the
Local to Alabama foosball players continue to represent while competing for championship titles on the "National Foosball Tour". During the recent weekend of September 1-6 for the 2021 $100,000 Championships of Professional Foosball held in Lexington, Kentucky, Stephen Darby played in the finals of the Amateur Singles event and ultimately finished the tournament 2nd place out of the 179 players competing for that title. Stephen is out of Cullman, Alabama. Bill McBurnett, of Cedar Bluff,AL., finished 3rd place of the 115 teams competing for the Amateur Doubles contest while teamed with Brian Denson of Georgia. While also of Amateur Doubles, Scotty Scott of Odenville,AL. captured a 5th place finish teamed with a Tennessee player Kenneth Leboeuf.
For the main event competition, Alexander City, Alabama's Steve Dodgen teamed with Mickey Munger of Georgia together battled for a fantastic finish of the tournaments Open Doubles finishing tied for 9/12th of 141 teams competing. Steve Dodgen went on to win the Senior Mixed Doubles event teamed with Deanna Newton of Georgia.
You love to play foosball tournaments but you'd love some help against all those Pro's ?
Guess what, the Program will be creating a FoosBlitz! situation during some BYP tournaments which will allow local casual player teams a potential for reduced entry fees while also the benefit of the Spot' format. Same applies for the AA Class & under rated player teams except without the discounted entry fees gets the spot'format.
You love to play foosball but you don't want to play with/against all those Pro's ?
How about a FOOS-FRENZY where you can show up with or without your foosball-friends at the start of any of our scheduled foosball tournaments and, with enough interest and persons willing to participate, I will coordinate a foosball tournament for the "casual-type" foosball players present. With at least three eligible players or more participation, I will coordinate a singles tournament. Or, with at least six players or more, I will coordinate a draw-your-partner event. Double elimination bracket play-off will start immediately with one-game played determining the advancement through the bracket and eventually creating a Foosball Frenzy tournament winner and bragging rights to go with it.  No tournament entry fee is involved and the first place winners will be awarded a Alabama Foosball Program certificate of achievement.  Participants eligible are only casual foosball players and those of the Ala-Amateur class rating system with a BEGinner, D class, or C class status.  ...Hope to see you at the foosball table and atop the Foos-Frenzy.  Rodney Jenkins
Birmingham "Foos-Thursday" We are going to be continuing this a EVERY WEEK thing! I recently shifted the foosball tables from Bumpers Billiards in Hoover over to VAN'S BAR in Leeds, Alabama which is much more spacious and will better suite our "Foos-Thursday" tournament efforts and will also create much more potential opportunities for the multi-event Saturday tournaments to be periodically coordinated for the Birmingham area. .....[PHOTO]
Please notify all your foos-friends about the change of location and greatly looking forward to seeing and joining you in Leeds,AL for the next Foos-Thurday opportunity coming this July 15. ...Rodney Jenkins Foosball players in action at Bumpers Billiards in Hoover,AL., Birmingham area foosball players Scotty Scott, Mike Camp, Dale Moore, & Jim Eubank.
Birmingham "Foos-Thursday" We are going to make this a EVERY WEEK thing! I'm planning on being at Bumpers Billiards in Hoover tonight at 7pm for pick-up games and/or a DYP tournament with enough interest. The effort last Thursday night had six teams of participants for the DYP where Steve Dodgen & Stephen Darby survived for the tournament win after Dale Moore & Jeremy Monroe forced a two-match final game contest. Fun time with some outstanding players that showed up to participate which included five players presently considered Alabama Foosball Program's top foosball players.
Hope to see you tonight at 2132 Lorna Ridge Ln. ...Rodney Jenkins
Hey "current" and "once upon a time" Birmingham area foosball players, I'm inviting all of you to join me for pick-up games and/or a DYP foosball tournament on this coming Thursday evening at 7pm. I recently set two Tornado foosball tables at Bumpers Billiards in Hoover, which is located at 2132 Lorna Ridge Ln., Hoover. It's been a very long time since we've got together for foosball activity in Birmingham and I'm looking forward to seeing all of who can make it out to participate, or at least, visit. I wish you would also notify anyone that you know that might be interested and extend this invitation. I'd love to see all known foosball enthusiast of past and present on Thursday night at Bumpers Billiards. "Wannabees" are welcome as well.
Thank you very much, Rodney Jenkins
Congratulations to Alabama foosball players for winning titles at the recent 2021 IFP Tour Kickoff foosball tournament held in Lexington, Kentucky. Stephen Darby, of Cullman,AL., won the Amateur Singles 1st place title battling among a field of 64 players competing. Bill McBurnett, of Cedar Bluff,AL., won 1st place during the Amateur Doubles contest while among 45 teams participating with his partner for the event, a Georgia player Shane Satterfield. Bill also competed in the Expert Doubles contest teamed with Dale Moore, of Birmingham,AL., together they played for the king seat of that 41 team tournament bracket and they finished third place. Other Alabama players competing and managing a notable finish were Jerry Stewart, of Dora,AL., while teamed with Lamar Ray, of Wetumpka,AL., together they finished 3rd place of Rookie Doubles. It was a nice weekend for local foosball players of our Alabama Foosball Program. Pictured is players finishing 1st place of the DYP and BYP events coordinated in Decatur,AL January 9, 2021.
With the National Professional Foosball's Tour Kick-off tournament for 2021 scheduled for the later part of this month in Lexington, Kentucky, a collective group of outstanding foosball players from the area and surrounding pitched in to help create a "warm-up" foosball competition effort. Foosball players from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi gathered in Decatur, Alabama for some foosball tournament action on Saturday January 9th at "6 Pockets Bar & Billiards".
Thirty players took advantage of the opportunity to participate creating 15 teams competing in each of the two tournaments coordinated during the Saturday evening of foosball action that included a "Draw-Your-Partner" and then a "Bring-Your-Partner". Players capturing the first place win of the DYP would be Daniel Colter of the Birmingham area along with his partner Terry Couch of Georgia. Later in the evening for the deemed main event competition was the BYP tournament that was packed with outstanding foosball players from the areas mentioned above, Daniel Colter would manage a repeat winning performance teamed with Dale Moore, also of Birmingham, Alabama.
Jeremy Monroe did an outstanding job leading the planning, setting up, and coordinating of the event along with help from several in attendance, as did 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards with hosting the competition. Prizes distributed to the first through third place finishing teams were created by a payback of the entry fees collected along with added money kicked-in by the bar together with additional $100 added by West Georgia Foosball which in all created a total of $1,145.00 paid out accordingly. Additionally, a calcutta auction was coordinated during the main event which added an additional $360.00 of winnings. See Jeremy's North Alabama Foosball on Facebook for additional results and access to select video footage of the tournament action. Nice job everyone involved. Congratulations to all participating players and their outstanding performances that created such a fun and competitive tournament. Especially nice job to those achieving the championship wins. My guess is that Mr. Daniel Colter potentially left Decatur smelling like $$$$$... Roll Tide!!!
Rodney Jenkins
As has been the case in many areas, COVID-19 situations have halted foosball tournament action in Tennessee and in Georgia. Here in North Alabama, local foosball players have teamed with "6 Pockets Bar & Billiards" and have invited foosball players for tournament action coordinated here in Decatur, Alabama. Jeremy Monroe volunteered his time and effort setting up and coordinating foosball events on Saturday December 12th 2020. As a result, locals together with some players from Georgia created a 14 team participating fun-time foosball tournament. On that day, players enjoyed participating in DYP and BYP foosball tournament action. Please see information and also keep up with Jeremy’s future tournament efforts at his newly created North Alabama Foosball group on Facebook where plans for another tournament in Decatur is already set in place for Saturday January 9. Additionally, Jeremy is in process of getting set up for live streaming of foosball matches on his Group as well. I hope all will visit and participate at: "North Alabama Foosball" on Facebook.
I have sad news to share: a long-time foosball player, Jeff Deskins, has passed away this May 5th--reportedly after suffering a heart attack at his home. Jeffery Deskins, of Jasper in North Alabama, was a participant in our Alabama Foosball Program events for many years sometimes regularly and sometimes occasionally. He loved to play foosball and was a very skilled player. He could smash a long pull shot as hard and accurate as anybody that I've ever seen play the game. He liked to move the ball around quickly on the five-roll before eventually delivering his unique passing series to his three-roll. While he mostly played the forward position, he was actually an excellent goalie as well. Of all the tournament events that he and I were ever teamed together, I'm pretty sure that we won every single one of them--most oftenly, it would be he that would score a crucial or winning point from a goalie shot he executed. I can remember these things because Jeff was the type that loved to keep you reminded of all his great performances whether it be with you or against you. When Jeff was regularly active playing foosball he was a tough foosball competitor, he and his most often teamed with partner and long-time friend, Jerry Stewart were tough to beat. Jeff was a great guy and one of those I loved to see show up to play, I will miss him tremendously as I know that all of you his friends will as well. My heart felt condolences are extended to all his friends and especially to his family. [IN MEMORY OF]
Rodney Jenkins
See additional news at: [2020-news]

Direct your questions or comments to the Southern Foosball Program/Rodney Jenkins by email: Ala_Foos@yahoo.com.

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