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$100 Added! BYP Saturday:

Van's Bar
1621 Ashville Road

Saturday February 12, 2022
2pm ..... Ala-Amateur Doubles
$10 entry fee w/$50 first place
3pm ..... Open Doubles
$20 entry fee - 100% payback w/cash added!
.....Don't be late!

For your information:
- Ala-Amateur doubles participants are allowed free-entry to open doubles, while teams of two "AA&under" rated players are allowed $10 entry to open doubles.
- Ala-Amateur eligible players are of casual player level of play and those listed within the Alabama Foosball Program's Class ratings with a BEGinner,D class,C class,B class,or A class status.
- The location requirements include age 21. A potential for cover charge up to $6 required of all in attendance beyond 8pm.
- The tournament format is "double elimination" while matches will be determined by the "best of three games played" unless otherwise noted or dictated by the tournament director.
- At least two Tornado foosball tables will be used for matches.