Competition &
League Procedures

(Created by Rodney Jenkins & used by the Southern Foosball Program)

Round Robin Foosball Competition: [PROCEDURE]
Due to its' excellent characteristics for helping players improve their overall foosball playing skills, the Program uses the Round Robin format for its league competition. No entry is required, which means that players are competing for bragging rights; however, the players involved may agree to implement an entry fee to distribute to the winners. The format requires players to rotate, in position and partner, after each game. Games are played until three goals are scored and the score is then recorded on a chart after each game. Players are credited with a win when scoring two points, and also with a shut-out when able to score all three points, which supports a defensive performance. When all participants have rotated and completed the first set of games played, the first round of competition is completed. The format calls for four rounds of competition. When the format is complete, each player has competed in a usual fourteen games where individual statistics are then calculated and the event winners are determined. If cash is involved, it is usually split between the player that earns the most wins and the defensive player earning the most shutouts. Most scores can be used in tie-break situations. The Program may award prizes periodically to the top performing participants of each active league. Active leagues will be listed along with its' top participants (Beg/Amateur or Rookie players only) according to individual percentages of scores-per-game---3.00 representing the highest possible percentage. Anyone can create a Round Robin League. The active format requires at least three players competing on, at least, a weekly basis and someone submitting the completed charts. Contact the program for charts.

Round-Robin Procedure:


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