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Donations or sponsors are needed!

I've recently expanded this website somewhat to include more of it's most popular content. I've been reluctant to do this in the past, due to my own time restraints; however, others have committed themselves to helping me with this project, and I finally decided to allow them.
It's not a tough job, transferring weekly information into suitable text for display on the web, but it is time consuming. As all of you well know, time is our most valuable asset, and knowing this, I cannot ask anyone to do anything for me without supplementing them in some way for their time and effort. My business, Tornado of Alabama, is a major sponsor for this website and the other activities of this Program, and since the intended expansion is not exactly a feasible venture for the business, I'm not sure how long or how far I'll continue with this. I feel the need to open the door for the possibility of others who might be willing to help with the periodic expenses involved with providing this popular asset to our foosball community. Please understand, there's no obligation what so ever! Folks often ask, "how can I help?". Well, "funds would help greatly!", whether it's an occasional $5, $20, or $50, or it's a one-time $100 donation, anything would be greatly appreciated and put to great use. Perhaps you can persuade a location that bennefits somehow from this Program into donating funds from time to time--if needed, receipts are available upon request.
As always, your construcive criticism and/or suggestions are welcome, in fact, recommended. Please forward any comments to: Finally, for those interested:

Send your donation payable to Southern Foosball Program, or Rodney Jenkins to:

2845 County Road 715
Cullman, Alabama 35055

you can use the link below to take you to a page where you can submit online via

Thank you very much!
SouFooPro/Rodney Jenkins


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