Pictured is the finals of the super doubles competition presented by NATSA in Austin, Texas during 2001.
One very exciting game of foosball worth $10,000 to the winner.


Pictured above is action of the final round of foosball competiton during the "2001 Super Doubles Spectacular" held in Austin, Texas presented by the North American Table Soccer Association(NATSA). The victors were Terry Moore, of Chicago,IL., and Bobby Diaz, of Tampa,FL., who are pictured on the left.

For the most part, the information listed below will be limited to news and press release information directly related to events sponsored by the Sourthern Foosball Program; however, an occasional insert of national competition may be included, especially when/if involving players of interest or those familiar to this Program. For example, Mike Yore is a player currently residing and playing out of Atlanta,GA., he is pictured above on the right in the goalie position, he finished runner-up during this very prestigious national event. His partner for the event was Billy Pappas, of Massachusetts.

For those interested in more detailed information and news of events on the national level should subscribe to "NATSA News", or the "Table Talk", a magazine for foosball players that's distributed by the United States Table Soccer Association(USTSA) and Valley International Foosball Association(VIFA). For information on these publications send email to Rodney jenkins@hiwaay.net, or call (256) 734-6349.

Rainbow line


Due to priority family reasons, I will be taking a "time-out" with respect to my foosball promotional efforts and my competition involvement for a undetermined period of time. My best wishes to everyone while I'm away and hopefully I'll return one day to continue promoting and playing foosball again. Meanwhile, certain information usually highlighted at this Southern Foosball Program site might become somewhat unattended. I'll try and leave the site up for as long as I can afford it for those interested in visiting for it's history content.
Sorry, ...Rodney Jenkins
Congratulations to the Alabama State Champions for 2007. It was a fun weekend of foosball competition in Madison, Alabama where the youngster from Jackson, Mississippi, Daniel Colter, was able to return and defend his "2006 open doubles state title"---this year he was teamed with Chattanooga, Tennessee's "Bad Boy" foosball player Bruce Stancel. Outstanding foosball players and top-notch competition filled the tournament area during the weekend where the city of Madison, Alabama provided nicely as the host for our annual tournament. After other main event action during the weekend Michael Bates captured the 2007 open singles championship title defeating, in the finals, none other than the red hot young Daniel Colter.
Thanks again to all those who made it out in support of another of our Southern Foosball Program's annual Alabama State Championships, I hope to see you all again next time. The complete results are listed at: [RESULTS]
The United States Table Soccer Association has recently adapted a few RULES CHANGES effective in 2007. The following rules changes will be initiated when applicable within the tournaments of the Southern Foosball Program beginning January 1st 2007.

*The serve is possession on the five-man rod, and at the middle player-figure where it can be placed by hand. Play shall begin immediately and time limits start one second after the ball touches the second player figure. Additionally, the ball can not be advanced until one full second after touching that second player-figure.
*A ball that goes off the table shall be put back into play in the goalie area of the team who did not cause the ball to go off the table. Cause would be defined as the team who caused the initial movement and force on the ball which ultimately results in the ball leaving the table and out of play.
*A out-of-reach dead stopped ball will be put back into play at the goalie area closest to where it went dead. A dead stopped ball between the five man rods shall be served by the team last scored upon.
*Purposely lofting or lobbing the ball over the opponents' rods will be illegal. Example: Aerial Shot.
*During multi-game matches, 90 seconds time limits will be allowed between games. Practice will be allowed during this time.
*A 3rd time-out shall result in loss of possession with the serve awarded to the opponent. Subsequent violations will result in a technical foul.
*During the "win-by-two" concept, games of a match will be played to five points, but during the final game of a match you must win by two points or up to a maximum of eight points. [RULES]

Congratulations to the Alabama State Champions for 2006. It was a smaller than normal Alabama State tournament but was still filled with plenty of top-notch action and competition. Almost 40 players participated in the 19th annual tournament which featured 7 events during this 2006 New Years holiday weekend. Daniel Colter, a 14 year-old member of a group of players traveling here for the tournament from Mississippi, practically stole the show while he and his partner, Mike Flynn, won both the main doubles events, open doubles & under-pro doubles. Daniel also won the under-pro singles event and finished 2nd place in the open singles event. Personally for me, it was very refreshing to see Daniel playing foosball at the proficient level he has attained. My goodness, at his age, you'd expect to see him piled up in the corner somewhere playing the newest GameBoy Advance toy that Santa Claus had left him a week earlier.
On to other news, Atlanta's Mickey Munger was unable to defend his 2005 open doubles state title but was able to earn the 2006 title winning open singles. And finally during the Alabama-Amateur portion of the tournament local player Mike Perry won singles while Chris Twilley won doubles teamed with Derek Pendergrass.
It was a fun tournament and I'd like to thank all that participated. Until next time, I hope all have a great new year, ...Rodney Jenkins. Complete results are listed at: [ALstate-06]
Personalities exploded in Huntsville, Alabama during the Southern Foosball Program’s Eighteenth Annual Alabama State Championships of foosball. Steve, Steve, Steve comes to the top of this report, as Alabama’s own, ~MR. DODGEN~ to us, captured his very first-ever triple win. The event was held during the weekend of November 4th through 6th with a total of sixty-six players participating and more than $4,000 worth of cash and prizes distributed, of which, Steve Dodgen earned the largest portion by winning three open event titles—open doubles with Mickey Munger, open mixed with Kim Parker, and open singles all by his lonesome.
Congratulations to Steve along with others who were able to play their way into Alabama foos-history for this year 2005. Others winners including Jim Wiggs, of Springville, and James Porter, of Huntsville, who teamed together to claim a large portion of the prize package with a win of the no-pro doubles event. Players traveling from the Memphis area captured both remaining singles titles, Chris Whittaker won a very tight contest during the finals of the no-pro singles over Florida’s Dan Williams and Chris Odle came from the losers side of the rookie singles chart to defeat Alabamian Jamie Milam. Jackson, Mississippi’s Shannon Coley & Dewey Culpepper claimed victory of rookie doubles.
The host facility, “Billiard Street Café”, helped us greatly providing an outstanding background for the championship tournament where most seemed to have an outstanding time during the weekend of events. I’d like to thank all that participated and helped create another great weekend of foosball competition here in Southern USA. Additional results are posted at [RESULTS] and pictures at [PICTURES].
Seeya next time, ...Rodney Jenkins
We had a total of 87 players that attended the Mississippi State Championships. We had 1 from Texas, 3 from Florida, 3 from Tennessee, 2 from Alabama, 4 from Arkansas, 14 from Louisaina, and 60 from Mississippi. For those who missed it this tournament was "OFF THE HOOK". There was alot of great foosball played this weekend. The total payout was increased. Total payout was $4,900 in cash, 11 Jackets at $880.00 and $450.00 in (16) Trophies. That brought the total to $6,230.00. Thanks to all that attended and who helped with the tournament.
..... Donald Wilson [MSstate-RESULTS].
We did it again! Thirty-eight of the areas most competitive foosball players showed up once again for foos-action in Pensacola, Florida. Just like previous years the weekend and weather was awesome for the Program's Nothern Florida State Championships, known as the "Panhandle Play-offs!". The only difference being the results, this year Steve Dodgen & J.J. Hearn captured the main event, open doubles, title in unusual fashion. Coming from the losers side of the chart to the finals and after a short while into the finals match, the pair switched positions where each settled in and adjusted with spectacular performances which lead to double-defeating the oponents, Bill Bell & Michael Bates. Yep, J.J. played forward--and was outstanding! While Steve played goalie--and was a brick!
During the non-pro main event, Jackson, Mississippi players Chris Brown & David Dent claimed victory. See additional results at: [FLstate05]
Thanks to all who participated, see ya next time. ...Rodney
The Southern Foosball Program presented its 2005 Tennessee State Championships during the weekend of March 18th – 20th. Thirty-four players showed up to participate where
Terry Moore returned to defend his 2004 open doubles & singles TN state titles. He teamed with Jan Ellis, of North Carolina, to win the open doubles event.
Local player and 2005’s Dixie “Bad Boy”, Bruce Stancel, claimed victory over the no-pro doubles event. He teamed with another local, Jackie Farrow, for the win.
Congratulations to these and all others who captured championship titles and a portion of the cash & prizes valuing almost $3,000. See the results at: [TNstate05]
...Rodney Jenkins
The lastest update to the USTSA Tour changes is at: [JAN.2005]
Mickey Munger is outstanding at Georgia State 2004.Congratulations to those of thirty-two very skilled, mostly pro and semi pro, foosball players who were able to capture titles of the 2004 Georgia State Championships presented by the Southern Foosball Program and affiliates. It was an awesome weekend of foosball, December 10-12th, which eventually became a “Mighty Mic!” showcase performance and a, celebration-worthy, end to the M.O.T.S. owns Georgia! era which has blanketed the local foosball scene for the past couple years. Most importantly, local pro player and now hero, Mickey Munger, won the open singles title! Mickey had an outstanding weekend of performances leaving many of his opponents totally disgusted with themselves after their match, he won forward shootout, the open draw, and he and Granger Beem were un-challenged for the limited doubles event. Teamed with Richard Hall for open doubles, they finished 3rd place while Mickey wrapped up the weekend with 2nd place in goalie wars and the biggest portion of the near $4,000 tournament total value.
Rodney Jenkins and Billy Caylor claimed the open doubles title defeating local players Scott Cook and Frank Wilson in the final.
One-time Georgia resident, returning to his old stomping grounds and fresh off an outstanding performance a month earlier at Alabama State, Steve Perry claimed the Georgia State title for semi pro doubles. He now lives in Alabama and won the title while teamed with another Alabamian, Dale Oberhausen.
The complete list of the results is listed at: [GA.STATE04] / [PICTURE]
Thanks for participating in the tournament. ...Rodney

Welcome back my friends, to the
show that never ends, we’re so
glad you could attend, come
inside, come inside...

by Bill Maloney, USTSA Tournament Director (November 2004)
Like the song says, “welcome back” and hold on tight. In the upcoming 4 months you will see a new beginning of what the future holds for us in the game of foosball. By March every single fooser will be ready to take the next step in what we would like to call “The New Generation of Foosball”. The tournaments as we are accustomed to will no longer exist. New formats, new payouts, and a new tournament direction will replace those of the past. ...

This important information is continued, go to: [continued!]
Known ol' time fooser, Steve Perry, captures the semi pro singles and goalie wars titles.The Southeastern HOT-SHOTS of foosball were in Alabama during the weekend of November 5th – 7th 2004 competing for titles of the Seventeenth Annual Alabama State Championships. This year the event was held in Cullman, Alabama using the facilities of the Holiday Inn Express which turned out to be an ideal place for championship foosball, thus became the battleground for 55 competition hungry foosball players.
Its three-in-a-roll for Billy! Billy Caylor & myself, Rodney Jenkins, claimed the main event open doubles title and Billy proves his solidarity by successfully defending his title, not only for 2003, but a 2002 Open Doubles Alabama State title as well. This main event final, this year, featured a hot performance of Bryan Jones, who traveled out of North Carolina and teamed with Jesse Maynard, of Tennessee. Together they toppled most of the main contenders. Along with the 2nd place finish in Open Doubles, Bryan also claimed victories in the Limited Doubles and Open Draw events. He finished 5th place in Open Singles. Bill Bell & Donald Wilson, both of Mississippi, finished 3rd place in Open Doubles where during the weekend Donald impressed many players of the tournament with his exceptional foosball talent.
During Open Singles, Jackson, Mississippi’s Michael Bates remained undefeated and became the 1st-place title holder with Bill Bell at runner-up. Justin Racicot, of North Carolina, finished the event 3rd place.
Wayne Patrick & Jackie Hill traveled together from Kentucky and then eventually to the 1st place finish of Semi Pro Doubles. Jackie Hill, who is officially unranked with the USTSA, had an awesome weekend claiming the Rookie Doubles title as well, and finishing 2nd place in Rookie Singles. He had teamed with Georgia’s Adam Foust for the doubles win.
Known ol' time Atlanta fooser, Steve Perry, put on quite a performance with his unusual style of play and eventually come out on top of a tight contest over Justin Racicot during Semi Pro Singles. Steve then went on to convince everyone that he was still capable of some awesome foos-skills; he claimed the Goalie Wars title handily.

These are only the highlights of the tournament where almost $7,000 in cash & championship prizes were distributed to top performing participants, the complete results are listed at: [ALstate04]. The entire event was a treat for those that participated and for the many who came as a spectator. My congratulations and thanks goes to all who made it such. The event was presented by the Southern Foosball Program, and sponsored primarily by Tornado of Alabama, and in part by Precision Specialty Corporation, Inc. of Meridianville, Alabama.
... Rodney Jenkins

It was another beautiful weekend in Pensacola, Florida for foosball players competing in the Southern Foosball Program’s: 4th Annual “Panhandle Play-offs” and Northern Florida State Championships. During this April 17th 2004 weekend there were a total of forty-four outstanding foosball players that participated in competition of five championship events which saw several superb performances that deserve fair mentioning. During the rookie singles and doubles, a determined Carl Everitt, of Jacksonville, Florida, stayed focused on his mission and captured both titles after coming from the loser’s side of the event charts. His partner in championship was travel companion, Jim Hubbard.
During the non-pro doubles event, Jackson, Mississippi’s Donald Wilson and Billy Barnes outlasted and overwhelmed all others to claim the championship title which included a double-defeat final match over Florida resident, Steve Roberts, with his team mate from Birmingham, David Hobson.
Chris Cavaliere, of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, won open singles defeating, in the finals, a hot performing Bobby Sims, who is also of Hattiesburg. Defending champ, Steve Dodgen, finished 3rd place along with Michael Bates at 4th.
The “main event” champs of open doubles were Billy Caylor, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and myself, Rodney Jenkins, of Cullman, Alabama, while defeating, in the final, the very tough dual Steve Dodgen, of Alexander City, Alabama, and Jackson, Mississippi’s J.J. Hearn. Chris Cavaliere and Bobby Sims finished 3rd and Ken Williams and David Dent got to 4th.
The tournament was so much fun for many and I’d like to thank all those that helped make it happen. I greatly appreciate all those who came out to support the event and foosball in that area. A big thanks to Fran Mason and her staff at the “Rack n’ Cue”, they always do an outstanding job serving as host for our tournaments in Pensacola. It’s greatly appreciated. Complete results are listed at: [FLstate04]
Thanks ....Rodney
Marty Fagan & Jesse Maynard after earning The Southern Foosball Program presented its 2004 Tennessee State Championships during the weekend of March 26th – 28th. A total of 66 players participated in a weekend of events where top players from all over the region battled it out for more that $5,000 cash and another year of bragging rights.
A couple of the nations top competitors made the trip down south to participate, Terry Moore, of Illinois, and Billy Pappas, of Massachusetts, together they claimed the open and main event titles. Billy won the winners bracket of open singles but was eventually double-defeated by “big Terry Moore” during the finals. Rick Macias, of North Carolina, finished 3rd place.
Terry & Billy teamed together for the open doubles event and won the title defeating a last minute team-up and entry, myself, Rodney Jenkins, and local player Todd Brooks. I wasn’t planning on participating in the tournament and I wanted to solely concentrate on coordinating the events, but since several elite players from up north made the long trip down south to participate I decided to try and provide them with as much southern hospitality as available. Rick Macias, along with Marty Fagan, of Jonesborough, TN., finished 3rd place.
Marty Fagan and team mate, Jesse Maynard of Bristol, TN., were able to defend their 2003 title by claiming the 2004 Semi Pro Doubles title defeating a very hot Terry Hedges & Eddie Hutson in the finals.
Terry Hedges, of Nashville, TN., is well known for his illusive magical talents and has now gathered much respect for his foosball talents as he was able to capture both rookie titles, rookie singles and rookie doubles. The rookie doubles title is a defending title for Terry as he also won the event is 2003, but this year teamed with local player Eddie Hutson. As mentioned above, the pair put forth a bold performance during semi pro doubles as well, finishing a very respectable 2nd place.
Mississippi’s Donald Wilson was “Mr. Semi Pro Singles Player” at the tournament as he claimed the semi pro singles title to go along with a 4th place finish and top semi pro in open singles.
I’d like to congratulate, and thank, all that participated during the Tennessee State Championships. The host facility, “BW’s Rack Room”, was very impressed with the foosball players as a group, and has offered open doors for any of the Programs future events in Chattanooga. Thank you!
Until next time, keep on foosin, and look for future events presented by the Program posted on the web at: southerfoosball.com. Complete results are included at: [RESULTS]. ..... Rodney Jenkins
Eddy Gartman and Bill Bell while competing during the 2003 Georgia State Championships. World Champion foosball player, Eddy Gartman, built a wall in Georgia, and all the Kings’ men couldn’t tear it down! Traveling from Pasadena, Texas to Cartersville, Georgia, stopping on the route and picking up his familiar partner, Bill Bell of Jackson, Mississippi, together they claimed the 2003 Georgia State Championships main event title, Open Doubles. Eddy displayed his world class skills as a goalie with several outstanding performances during their matches. During the final, Eddy & Bill defeated North Carolina’s Rick Macias, and the defending Georgia State Champ, Mike Yore, in two tough fifth-game final matches.
During open singles competition, local player Mike Yore repeats his 2002 state title and remains the undefeated Georgia State Champion. Finishing runner up was Rick Macias.
Bruce Stancel is pictured, he captured both semi pro titles during Georgia State 2003. Other outstanding performances during the weekend were Bruce Stancel’s doubling during the Semi Pro events and Bill McBurnett's doubling during the Rookie events. The "outstanding" Bruce Stancel is pictured, he becomes the most decorated non-pro player in the Northwest Georgia & Chattanooga areas as he continues to rack-up titles at almost every tournament he attends.
The 2003 Georgia State was presented by the Southern Foosball Program using the ballroom at the "Holiday Inn of Cartersville" as its host. The facility turned out to be the ideal set up for the championship tournament; however, due to several circumstances the event was probably unfairly participated. Nevertheless, everyone had a great time as forty-five players including the areas top competitor’s were all on hand battling for their share of the just over $5,000 worth of cash and championship prizes eventually distributed to the top finishers of the weekend.
Congratulations to the 2003 Georgia State Champs and all others for their accomplishments during the tournament. The complete list of the results is listed at: [GAstate03].
Thanks again, .....Rodney Jenkins See [PICTURES] as well.
11-24-03 ... by Anson Ballard
This past weekend Rodney Jenkins from the Southern Foosball Program came from Alabama to run another good tournament in Jackson, the $200 Added! MisSiSsIpPi Open. The turnout was not what I would call "up to par", I believe there were only 8 or 9 teams in Open Doubles. (Hopefully, within the upcoming weeks a few more people will start coming out to participate.) Those that did come out were treated to see the best players the state has to offer, Bill Bell, Chris Cavalier, Micheal Bates, JJ hearn and Rodney Jenkins were all in attendance to play. 4 of those players rank in the top 100 in the world.
The Open Singles event saw the all around talent of JJ Hearn fight to the top of the winners bracket. Donald Wilson and Bill Bell were left to battle over who got the opportunity to topple JJ's quest for the title. In the end Donald defeated Bill Bell for a second time to face JJ hearn. The finish was anti climatic as JJ and Donald settled for splitting the money.
The Open Draw saw a lucky draw for Donald Wilson and Anson Ballard as they were to team up in the Open Double event. They (or we) won the event fighting off the galant effort of an injured Micheal Bates and the ever so improving (and good looking) Alexis Bankston. JJ Hearn and David "Superman" Tullos took third place.
In the Open Doubles event there was stiff competition. The late team-up partnership of Mike Bankston and Rodney Jenkins was a sudden suprise to the entry of teams. Rodney and Mike went on and played themselves into position to play for the winners bracket. A few of the stronger teams were put into the losers bracket where they were left to challenge one another. Donald and Anson made there way to play Rodney and Mike. The pace was controlled by Rodney and his efficient scoring. Bill and Chris had to play JJ and Micheal to determine who would would take 3rd or better. With the twist of Micheal and JJ playing out of position(JJ at forward) Bill and Chris were able to win the match. The next match was a clinic on how not to execute your gameplan. Play on both sides was sloppy and a bit disgusting. It wasn't pretty but Donald and Anson managed to pull it off. In the finals Donald and Anson had to try and dethrone Rodney and Mike. A frustrated Mike Bankston blocked Donald's 3 bar decent but let some slop go in. Rodney's efficient 3 bar was still unbelievable and almost unstoppable. Luckily a few breaks went the challenging teams way. The second match-- the suddenly under control Mike Bankston got the key blocks when needed and Rodney scored at will yet again. It still went 5 games and Rodney and Mike were able to pull off the victory.
Donald Wilson is continually improving his game and looks like a force that has to be reckoned with every time he walks up to a table. Congratulations to Mike Bankston also, who played under control and seems to be slowing down his style of play for one that will have him doing better. See the [RESULTS] in listed format.
Thanks to everyone who came out to play. .....Anson
The HOTTEST foosball players in the Southeastern USA were, once again, in Birmingham, Alabama during the weekend of November 7th – 9th and competing for titles of the Sixteenth Annual Alabama State Championships of foosball. Along with the distinct State Championship titles and bragging rights to extend for probably the following twelve months, there was almost $6,500 worth of cash & championship prizes presented to those proving worthy during the three-day contest. The event was presented by the Southern Foosball Program, sponsored primarily by Tornado of Alabama, sponsored in part by Precision Specialty Corporation, Inc., and hosted once again by "The Break Restaurant & Billiards".
During action of the "main event", Open Doubles where 80 players competed, it was Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Billy Caylor who successfully defending his 2002 Alabama State title. This time teamed with Steve Dodgen, of Alexander City, Alabama, the pair held off the outstanding efforts of North Carolina’s greatest, Rick Macias while he was teamed with “Georgia Boy” Mickey Munger. The finals were decided in two matches of very close games where all players performed like champions. Finishing 3rd place was Richard Worley & Jon Robertson who had an awesome weekend overall, the team and travel companions from North Carolina went on to win the "3500 Limited Doubles". The ~RED HOT~ Richard Worley also won the “Forward Shoot” and finished 2nd in the “Open Draw Your Partner” event. In addition, Richard also won the winners bracket of “Open Singles” but was double-defeated by an outstanding player on a personal mission. Bill Bell, of Jackson, Mississippi, won the “Open Singles” title in dominant fashion---but only after going into the losers side of the chart earlier in the contest after the efforts of Rick Macias, who ultimately finished 3rd place. Bill Bell also won the "Open Draw" while teamed with local player Mike Camp.
The Semi Pro events were tough fought as well. A team from the Ashville, North Carolina area, Tim Yates & David Shipley, came out on top of “Semi Pro Doubles” defeating, in the final, a former Alabama team, Todd Brooks & Steve Roberts. Todd was in the finals of “Semi Pro Singles” as well, he finished 2nd place after a battle in the very last game of a two match contest with another North Carolina player, Michael Carpenter.
Great Stuff!!! .....Finally, the "mighty" Bruce Stancel, of Chattanooga, wraped up the "Rookie" events winning both singles and doubles. He was teamed with Mark Witt for doubles who is also from Chattanooga.
It was an outstanding tournament, my congratulations go to these and other Alabama State Champs of 2003. I certainly appreciate each and every participant for their support, sportsmanship, and especially for their patients with me, the sole tournament staff/tournament director for the event. The complete results are listed at: ALstate03.
Thanks again, for your support! .....Rodney Jenkins
"Warrior Custom Golf" in association with Warrior Table Soccer announces the first ever Indoor Outdoor Sports Extravaganza to be held at the luxurious Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, November 28th - 30th, 2003.
For Table Soccer (foosball) this is just the beginning, as the Rio table soccer event will kickoff the first true World Wide Million Dollar Table Soccer Tour and establish once and for all, authentic, world champions! Just Imagine, World Wide Competition with Table Soccer Events in Europe, Asia and South America not to mention the North American Tour. Expect to see anyone who is anybody, in the world of table soccer, at this unprecedented kickoff tournament in Las Vegas. The $200,000 table soccer purse event will make it the Largest Tournament of its kind held in over twenty years!
For detailed information on the host hotel and the warrior table soccer event go to www.warriortablesoccer.com or contact Warrior at 949-699-2499 Ext 314.
Eddy Gartman, of Pasadena, TX., the 2003 World Champ of open doubles! Congratulations to Eddy Gartman, of Pasadena,TX., he and Adrian Zamora,CA., are the 2003 World Champions of "open doubles" foosball competition. Totally awesome performance during this $135,000 World Championships of foosball 2003 event which was held during "Labor Day" weekend at the luxurious Hyatt Regency in Dallas/Ft. Worth,TX.
Also, young Tony Spredeman, of Wisconsin, is the World Champion of "open singles". Those that have seen him play had to know that this was in his future, he's an incredible foosball player! Cindy Head captured the "womens singles" title along with "open mixed doubles" while teamed with Frederico Collignon, of Belgium. And finally, Joy Steward, of Lafayette, won "womens doubles" teamed with Canada's Moya Tielens.
It was an awesome weekend of foosball competition in Jackson, Mississippi during August 8th – 10th . Almost 60 players participated in events of this “2003 Mississippi State Championships of foosball competition” presented by the Southern Foosball Program.
The defending state champs, Matt Steward & Eddie Gartman, were successful defending their 2002 open doubles title while Matt eventually became “da man” of the tournament. Matt was able to capture all the open event titles of this weekend, defeating an outstanding performance by Cindy Head during open singles, who was also his partner for the open mixed doubles event win. Matt won the open draw event teamed with Glenn Avceneaux who also won the forward shootout event by defeating Matt in the finals. Glenn was the only to actually deny Matt a title during the weekend of events, the pair had traveled together to the tournament along with others from Lafayette, Louisiana.
The event saw several of the areas former outstanding foosball players returning to foosball competition from several years absents, or perhaps proclaimed retirement, players like Kevin Hemphill and Donald Wilson. Harold Story was also seen observing and studying the competition during the weekend. Donald “the hammer” Wilson was able to mark his return to foosball competition with an asterisks, he won both semi pro singles and doubles teamed with local player, Mike Flynn.
Quite a group of players for Hattiesburg, Mississippi were in attendance, several had outstanding performances eventually topped off by Julie Hall’s win during the women’s doubles event. She was teamed with Dwan Manning of Mobile, Alabama.
The “Main Event Sports Bar & Grill” was again the host location for the event. While the location was the same much was different, the tournament set up was allowed in a different and more spacious area of the bar this year which definitely created a more enjoyable atmosphere for the tournament. A great time of playing foosball was had by many and I’d like to thank each for their support and participation. A full list of results is included at: MSstate03.
See ya next time, Rodney.
"LAKE FOREST, Ill., June 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC) announced today that it has acquired the assets of Valley-Dynamo, L.P.(Tornado) for $34.5 million from private investment firm Fenway Partners, Inc., and an individual investor, each of which had owned 50 percent of the company."

The following remarks were eventually posted on the newsgroup:
> Very interesting...
> How will the Tour be affected?

For what it's worth, I just got this response from Brunswick:
"Brunswick acquired the assets of Valley-Dynamo because it is a great organization doing things well. We are focusing on the continued success of Valley Dynamo and its operations. No changes, short or long term, are planned by Brunswick Billiards to affect foosball or table soccer tours or players.
[SNIP--please contact us for more info, etc]
Thanks very much for your avid interest in your sport. We look forward to watching participation continue to grow and this segment of the business continue to prosper."

During the weekend of May 9-11th, the Southern Foosball Program, once again, visited Austell, Georgia and presented a special Regional Championship tournament for Rookie and Semi-Pro foosball players. Rookie/Semi-Pro Regionals main event champs! The competition was “fierce” to say the least, as twenty-five of the most talented and confident players from the Atlanta and surrounding areas converged to take advantage of the opportunity to compete for this most substantial cash prize ever presented by the Program, where eligibility was limited--semi-pro players were deemed to team with a rookie partner for the main event competition. Pictured are those players battling for the largest slice of the $1,200 that was up for grabs during the event. David Hobson & Scott Carey, shown on the right, eventually won the main event coming from the losers bracket. Their opponents, Steve Cersosimo & Mike Harrison, who finished second place are shown on the left.

Including the main event, this RK/SP Regional tournament featured eight different championship events designated for rookie and semi-pro players, along with a special singles competition open for all skill levels, “Georgia Domination”. All but one event was decided by a second set final while “Regional Domination” would have been a fitting title for the entire event as local rookie player, Mike Harrison, was involved in six of the eight event finals. He claimed first place victories in both rookie events and during the DYP while teamed with Birmingham, Alabama’s David Hobson, who also had an outstanding weekend, winning the DYP, forward shootout, and then the main event.

On Saturday night the “Georgia Domination” competition reserved one of the brand-new foosball tables and designated it for continuous “singles-play” allowing the winner of each game to remain at the table excepting challengers. Players earned $5 for each game won. Most everyone already knew prior to the event that local pro-master, Scott Cook, would most likely eventually earn the “Georgia Dominator” title, but many seemed determined to change fate. The event began at 9pm and continued with challengers throughout the night until last-match-called at 2am-- at which time, Scott was practically begging for mercy. After winning practically 4-to-1 more games than anyone else and earning a nice little wage for a long hard night of playing foosball, Scott Cook is the “Georgia Dominator” of singles play in 2003!—not to be confused with “Georgia Nominator” or “Georgia Denominator”.

Congratulations to the champs, the complete list of dominating results are viewable at: [RESULTS]

See you next time,
Rodney Jenkins

It was a beautiful Easter weekend in Pensacola, Florida where 36 foos-hungry foosball players gathered to compete in the Southern Foosball Program’s “Northern Florida State Championships 2003”. This 3rd annual “Panhandle Play-offs” was held, once again, at the Rac’n Cue II during the weekend of April 18th through 20th.
“Just call me SUPER MAN” is what Harold Perkins was telling his clan of attending foos-friends shortly after finishing his outstanding weekend of tournament accomplishments. “H.P.”, as he is most often referred, won Rookie Singles, Rookie Doubles, Semi Pro Singles, 4th place & top-finishing Rookie Team in open doubles, and then 2nd place in open mixed doubles. Teamed with Mark Daigle for most of the doubles events, the pair are known outstanding foosball players from the Thibodaux, LA. area. “H.P.” is now officially deemed “Louisiana Super Rookie”.
Mobile, Alabama’s Dwan Manning won the open-mixed-doubles and last-chance-draw events. She also finished a respectable 7th place in open doubles and had many players talking about how well she played as a goalie. Her partner for open mixed & open doubles was David Chancey, also of Mobile.
Matt Stewart & Eddy Gartman won open doubles, defeating Steve Dodgen & Ken Williams to claim the "main event" title. Steve Dodgen went on to win open singles holding off the efforts of myself, Rodney Jenkins, in the finals.
Congratulations to the champs, as the complete list of winners are listed at; [FLstate03]
The tournament was fun; it ran smoothly and finished early on Sunday. I think everyone who participated had a great time. Thanks for coming!
See you next time, Rodney Jenkins
The Southern Foosball Program presented it's Tennessee State Championships during this past weekend of March 1st 2003. Players from all-around the region gathered in Chattanooga, Tennessee for this outstanding weekend of foosball tournament competition. The host facility was "Breakers Saloon" which turned out to be an awesome place for a foosball tournament, the Program will likely return for additional events in the future. During the weekend, eleven championship titles were earned along with over $4,000 in cash and prizes. A total of 56 players participated in the weekend of events where players like James Porter, Cindy Head, & Scott Cook proved their mightiness.
James Porter, of Huntsville, Alabama, had a great weekend winning rookie singles & doubles--he then came very close to winning semi pro doubles as well. James' partner for the rookie doubles event was none other than Nashville's fooser & "magician practitioner", Terry Hedges. Terry entertained the players with his card tricks and magical skills during the weekend. Meanwhile, on the other side of the tournament room, Cindy Head, of Birmingham, Alabama, was performing some magic of her own. She rose to the top-of-the-winners position of the open singles chart after defeating Rick Macias and then Steve Dodgen. She then held off the efforts of Scott Cook in the finals to claim the singles main event title. Scott Cook continued and eventually claimed the remaining main event titles, open doubles & open mixed doubles. Scott is presently living in Atlanta; his partners were fellow Georgia players Chris Weaver & Dawn Foust. Congratulations to these players as well as all others earning titles during the event, they are completely listed at: TNstate03.
Until next time, good luck keeping your rods slick and straight!
The Southern Foosball Program presented it's 13th Annual Dixie "Bad Boy" Open during this past weekend in Jackson, Mississippi where approximately $1,600 in cash and prizes was awarded. Chris Cavaliere, of Hattiesburg, was named the most outstanding all-around competitor by earning the most race-points during the multi-event tournament. Players earned points by entering the events offered, winning matches, and then placing 4th or better. Chris Cavaliere was named the Dixie "Bad Boy" for 2003 while only narrowly defeating (by 2-pts) the efforts of a local rookie player Anson Ballard. Therefore, Anson Ballard was named the Dixie " Bad Boy" among the rookie's & semi pro's for 2003. You'll probably see these guys sporting a new championship jacket very soon. Congratulations! See the complete results of the event posted on the results page.
Congratulations to the Georgia State Champs! Mike Yore doubles winning open singles & open doubles while teamed with Chris Folsom. Rodney Jenkins and Jimmie Watkins won open mixed. Complete results are listed at: Georgia State 2002. The event was presented by Rick Petro and "Tornado of Atlanta" in Austell, Georgia during the very last weekend of the year.
During the Alabama Amateur "Bad Boy" & Open Doubles Showdown this past weekend in Cullman, Jerry Stewart, of Dora, proves he's worthy. We haven't seen Jerry that much since his wife gave birth to the triplets a couple years ago, but he must be finding time to practice his foos-game because he certainly dominated this year's amateur only showdown event. Jerry Stewart earns the Ala-Amateur "Bad Boy" 2002 title and in dominant fashion as he finished first place in Forward Shootout, Goalie Wars, and Amateur Singles. The Runner-up for the amateur title was Kevin Watkins of Huntsville. During the open doubles portion of this tournament Rodney Jenkins & Dale Oberhausen defeated Steve Dodgen & Ken Williams in the final. Jim Wiggs & David Hobson finished 3rd place.
Congratulations! See other results.
The hottest foosball players in the Southeastern USA were in Birmingham, Alabama during the weekend of November 8th – 10th competing for titles of the Fifteenth Annual Alabama State Championships of foosball. The event was presented by the Southern Foosball Program and it was hosted once again by "The Break Restaurant & Billiards".
During the weekend of competition, probably one of the most notable teams of the area, Rodney Jenkins & Billy Caylor, teamed together for the main event, open doubles, and claimed the title defeating Safi Shiber and "Gimme that ball boy!" J.J. Hearn. Scott Cook and Rick Petro finished third place. During open singles, local semi pro Jim Wiggs played for the winners bracket and finished in 3rd place. North Carolina’s finest, Scott Cook, claimed victory and the title while narrowly defeating the efforts of the outstanding Louisiana player Safi Shiber. The match was decided on the last two balls of a very exciting second set final, where afterwards Scott walked away from the table apologizing for how he had to score his last two points. He said that he felt like he was going to lose so he just began whacking at the ball aggressively and they eventually fell into the goal. Hmm!, nice option to have—I suppose. Safi Shiber had a great weekend, he went on to win the open mixed event while teamed with Tracy Harrell, of Jackson, MS., and then the 3500 limited doubles while teamed with, travel companion, Stephen Perschall. A group of borderline rookie players from Charlotte, North Carolina traveled down to Birmingham for the weekend tournament, and then they left after claiming most of the rookie and semi pro titles. Michael Carpenter won forward shootout, rookie singles, and then rookie doubles with partner Jon Robertson—who also won semi-pro doubles.
Congratulations to these and other Alabama State Champs, the complete results are listed at ALstate02. Visit periodically "www.southernfoosball.com" to see information about foos-events in Southern USA.
Thanks for your support, and "Yaws come back now! Ya’hear?"
Who's your daddy? I can tell you who's my daddy on the foosball table. He continues to beat me, as he has done regularly for the past several years now, with what appears to be not much effort, it's "Big Terry Moore" of Chicago. He and Stephanie Dean defeated Dawn Foust and I, Rodney Jenkins, in open mixed doubles at this years' World Championships of Foosball. Damn, where the winners would advance to compete in the quarter-finals of the winner-side chart. As far as foosball in general, Frederico Collignon is the daddy! He triples again! Frederico is from Belgium, and he now dominates the USA foosball Tour--pretty much as he does in Europe. He and open doubles partner, Todd Leffrado, are now the reigning champs in open doubles for the past five years. Wow! They handily defeated in the finals Scotty Wydman & Robert Mares, who are both of Denver. Frederico defeated young Tony Spredeman in the finals of open singles, and then he and female partner, Cindy Head, defeated Adrian Zamora & Shelly Langley in the finals of open mixed doubles to cap off his dominating performances at this years World Championships which is held in Dallas, Texas every year. Rico won the pro only draw, as well as the international doubles event!! You'll no doubt see much more write-up about Frederico in the next issue of "Table Talk".
Other familiars to finish note-worthy at this years Worlds are Steve Dodgen & Ken Williams with a 2nd place finish in the 3500 point limited doubles. As mentioned above, Cindy Head won open mixed doubles and place 2nd in womens open doubles and then 2nd again in womens open singles. Jim Wiggs and I finished 4th in 35 & over doubles. Lee Williams & Dawn Foust finished 7th in semi pro mixed doubles. And finally, Dawn and I eventually finished the open mixed doubles event at 9th place. Now, who's your daddy??
The Southern Foosball Program’s 2002 Mississippi State Championships of foosball competition turned out to be an awesome tournament event presented during this August 9th through 11th weekend. Since only three weeks prior to the upcoming World Championships this Mississippi State was used as a warm-up event for many of the players who attended and participated. The field of competition was as tough as it gets in Jackson, Mississippi at Shooter’s Tavern as fifteen of the almost fifty players participating were nationally rated as professional players. Some players were local, but many were from surrounding areas including Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee. A "multiple champ" of the Program’s events, Eddie Gartman, of Pasadena, Texas, brought his Louisiana buddy and “top-notch” foosball partner, Matt Steward along and together they claimed the main event title, open doubles. They defeated, in an exciting two-set final, Louisiana’s Safi Shiber and Shan Coffey. Here are comments about the open doubles finals by local pro, J.J. Hearn:
"I would like to make a comment on the Open Doubles finals at this tournament. It was a great 2 matches. I think I learned a lot from watching these 4 guys play. Every one of these guys are great competitors, sportsmen, and all around good guys. I saw each one dominate at a certain point, lose the momentum, change their mindset, and dominate again. Eddie is always a good teacher to learn from while playing goalie. Solid consistent play is why he is, who he is, now. Matt and Safi both showed some amazing offensive five man passing, and both had some great defenses to try and read to put the points up. I think I even saw some of the old Shan Coffey playing goalie. Steadily pounding passes, making good clears, and some tremendous saves. I can see these guys reigning in the future. Good Luck to all 4 of you at Worlds."
Matt Steward went on to claim the open mixed title while teamed with his wife Joy Steward, and then Safi Shiber took the open singles title denying the local J.J. Hearn.
I didn't have the energy to watch as many matches as I normally like to due to some added surprise problems & inconveniences. While towing my trailer full of extra foosball tables down to Jackson for the event early on Friday morning, the water pump went out on my truck forcing me to eventually have to rent a truck in order to get the tables on location for the event. I finally arrived at the tournament location with the tables approximately 2 hours before the event was supposed to start. Thanks to the help of Jim Wiggs we were able to get the tables set up and ready in a short time. We had to postpone the first event forward shootout, but was then ready one hour later to start the weekend with the open draw on time. From that point on, the events went off as scheduled, and I feel like I pulled a rabbit out of my hat by getting this done.
I was able to arrange to have my truck repaired and then collect it during the off-tournament hours during the weekend, but it made for a very induring weekend for me, not to mention it created some major additional expenses. Nevertheless, I hope everyone had a great time and I appreciate your participation and support.
Additional results are listed at MSstate02. Thanks again!
Foosball Rocks!
Rodney Jenkins
Recently, Bobby Diaz & Terry Moore were able to repeat as the champs of another Super Doubles Extravaganza. It was a hard fought final one game for $10,000 where the champs won over an outstanding performing female team, Moya Tielens & Stephanie Ohashi, by the final score of 10-9. Details of the event are listed in the Announcements section of this web site. A action photo of the finals is at this link while the complete results are listed at 2002 $60,000 Super Doubles Spectacular.
The event was called the "Panhandle Play-offs" while 43 foosball players gathered from the surrounding areas of the Florida panhandle city of Pensacola, to compete in the Southern Foosball Program’s 2002 "Northern" Florida State Championships foosball tournament. The weather was VERY HOT! in Pensacola during the weekend of April 19th – 21st as many players had come hoping to catch some Florida rays of sunshine along with sandy beaches. They got their wish!
Like the weather, the foosball competition was VERY HOT! During the main event open doubles, Bill Bell of Richland, Mississippi, joined forces with Jon Derden, of Deer Park, Texas, and together they defeated the Alabama team of Steve Dodgen & Rodney Jenkins on match ball to earn the top of the winners chart and eventually first place in the event. Louisiana’s Safi Shiber, and Mississippi’s J.J. Hearn, finished the event second place after eliminated the very hot performing father & son team of Lee Williams & Ken Williams and then Steve Dodgen & Rodney Jenkins on match ball during the losers’ bracket final.
Tiffanie Blakeney & Bill Bell defended their “2001 open mixed” title defeating Tracy Harrell & Safi Shiber, and then Nicki Clarke & Lee Williams in the finals.
“Little Lee Williams” made his return debut during this event and proved he still has some foosball skills. He dazzled players with his fast play 5-roll series and his push shot much like he did several years ago when he was only 12/14 years old. He and his dad, Ken Williams, won the semi pro doubles event defeating, in the final, the very tough David Bagwell, who was teamed with Vernon Pearson. Oh yeah, for those interested, Lee is not so little anymore, and like before, he certainly still has “big boy” game!
Allen Hollier, of Louisiana, claimed the semi pro singles title holding off the efforts of Alabama’s David Bagwell in the final deciding game. Mark Daigle, also of Louisiana, played very well during the weekend earning his first titles; he won rookie doubles while teamed with Norm Dormain and then the goalie wars event as well. Mike Gentry, of Mobile, Alabama, won rookie singles.
I had estimated the value of cash & prizes to be earned and awarded during the event to become worth $2,500, the actual value exceeded $3,000. There was a great turnout for this event, and once again, I'd like to thank each and every participant for his or her support. I'd also like to thank the "Rac 'n Cue", for the great job as the host facility. Everyone had a great time and many were already talking of plans to come back for future events in Pensacola.
Congratulations to the champs, as the complete list of winners are listed at: [FLstate02].
Thanks again, Rodney Jenkins
There was an unexpected outstanding turn-out of foosball players in Austell, Georgia this past weekend for the Program's 12th annual Dixie "Bad Boy" Open. The 7-event tournament began early on Saturday March 9th and eventually consumed Sunday as well, as almost 50 players participated during the events. The tournament was listed as a $1,200 event, but prize money was increased and the tournaments actual total value became almost $2,500.
Efforts by many of the players were to earn the Dixie "Bad Boy" title for 2002 which is awarded to the most outstanding performing player competing during the events and determined by an accumuative points race calculated according to participation, matches won, and placing 4th or better in the events. Also to be recognized, the most outstanding semi pro player and the most outstanding rookie player.
This year's Dixie "Bad Boy" title goes to Georgia pro player Chris Folsom. Todd Brooks was the overall runner-up while he earned the "top performing semi pro title", and Armando Herrera finished 3rd overall and "top performing rookie player". Each of these players will be presented with a special championship jacket.
During the main event open doubles, the professional teams were seeded in the chart. During the first few rounds of competition the unusual situation unfolded. The #1, #4, and the #5 seeded teams were defeated by rookie teams. Armando Herrera & Mike Harrison took advantage of the situation and eventually advanced to play for the winners bracket against Todd Brooks & Billy Caylor. Todd and Billy advanced and awaited while Steve Dodgen & Tony Byrd battled their way through the losers chart and into the finals. Chattanooga area foosball players Todd Brooks and Billy Caylor would win the open doubles title in the final game of the 2nd set.
A divisional playoff format was used during the open singles event in an effort to allow players to earn race points competing and advancing through the chart against competitors of their own division prior to advancing to the final open singles playoff. The divisions were rookie, semi pro, female, & pro. The top three players of each division advanced to the over-all open singles play-off. These players are listed here in their divisional finishing order:
Rookie - James Porter,AL., Steve Wilcher,GA. & Robert Jenkins,GA.
Semi Pro - Phil Grable,GA., Kyle Stall,OH. & Joe Gabriel,GA.
Female - Cindy Head,AL., Brittany McDonald,GA. & Dawn Foust,GA.
Pro - Cris Folsom,GA., Chris Weaver,GA. & Steve Dodgen,AL.
The open singles over-all playoff resulted in Chris Folsom defeating Cindy Head for the winners bracket final, and then Chris Weaver defeating Cindy for the losers bracket. Chris Weaver then double-dip defeated Chris Folsom to win the event.
See the complete results at: DIXIEBB02. Congratulations to the winners, and hope to see you in Pensacola next month.
The 2001 Georgia State Championships of foosball was presented by the Southern Foosball Program and held during the very last weekend of 2001 (Dec. 28-30), while the event was held at "Fat Cat's" of Austell, GA. (a suburb of Atlanta). Cash & championship prizes awarded during the events became worth $3,300 while forty-eight players participated in nine of the eleven events offered during the weekend. Ten professional players, eighteen semi-pro players, and twenty rookie players made up the field of competition which included top players, and others, from Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and, of course, Georgia.
Alabama's Steve Dodgen teamed with local long-time player, Tony Byrd, to claim the main event title, open doubles, holding off the efforts of the defending state champs and locals "Chris Weaver & Chris Folsom".
Chris Weaver earned the open singles title defeating, in the final, another long-time Georgia player considered one of the state's best, Rick Petro.
Armando Herrera, of Jacksonville, Florida, & Michael Harrison, of Georgia, teamed together for both the rookie doubles event and the semi pro doubles. Together they were able to claim both titles, stealing the semi pro title from the local team Kenny King and Tony Byrd. They defeated Bill McBurnett & Cheryl Post, both locals, in the finals rookie doubles.
Alabama's Jeremy Monroe won semi pro singles holding off the local hot! "push-kicker" Jimmy Loudermilk.
Local player Lee Kuether was confident & determined to win the rookie singles title. His attitude paid off, as he was able to defeat another outstanding local player, Bill McBurnett, to earn the title.
Local outstanding female player, Deanna Waller, was un-challenged during the open mixed doubles event, but was able to showcase her talent anyway by winning the open draw event teamed with Mike Weaver and also finishing fourth place in the main event open doubles while teamed with Tim Phelps. See the complete list of winners at: GA.state01 results.
Until next time, congratulations to your Georgia state champs. See ya!
The Fourteenth Annual Alabama State Championships of foosball was held during the first weekend of November in 2001. The event was presented by the Southern Foosball Program and held at "The Break Restaurant & Billiards" in Birmingham. During the event Bill Bell of Richland, Mississippi and Eddy Gartman of Pasadena, Texas teamed together and claimed the main event title Open Doubles-- defeating in the final, the defending state champs Steve Dodgen & Rodney Jenkins. Atlanta's Chris Weaver was able to capture the Open Singles title, defending his 2000 Alabama state title by outlasting in the final the deteriorating efforts of the "home boy" and tournament coordinator Rodney Jenkins. During the Semi Pro events, David Bagwell, of Carbon Hill, Alabama, probably put together the most impressive performance of the weekend. Not only, by defending his 2000 Semi Pro Singles state title, but by also claiming the Semi Pro Doubles state title while teamed with Lamar Ray of Alexander City, Alabama. Congratulations to these and other 2001 Alabama State Champs completely listed at ALstate01.
Thanks for your support, see ya next time.
Rodney Jenkins
Oh yea! I'm going back to my ways of previous years: not competing in tournaments where I'm very busy as it's coordinator. Under those circumstances it's generally very hard for me to focus the necessary concentration and I usually ultimately embarrass myself. Since the locals had the video camera going on this one it'll probably be a long time shaking this performance off. :-)
The $130,000 World Championships of foosball was held at the DFW Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas during the Labor Day weekend August 29th through September 3rd 2001. Presented by the United States Table Soccer Association this World's, in my opinion, became one of the best-ever. The finals of all three open events were very exciting to watch, while then a Semi Pro team won the Women's Open Doubles event, and a 14 year old from Wisconsin won almost everything else.
Stephanie Dean came up big in the finals of Open Mixed Doubles while earning the title teamed with Terry Moore. During the final games Stephanie got several key blocks and scores which came up big as together they then held-off the outstanding efforts of Liz (Hill) & Frederico Colignon to claim the title in the last game of the second set.
Long-time great Johnny Horton was outstanding in the finals of Open Singles, he defeated the top-rated Robert Mares on match-ball to earn the the games most prestigious singles title for 2001.
The Open Doubles final was decided on match ball of the second set where all players involved were outstanding during the most exciting matches I've ever witnessed. Todd Leffrado & Frederico Colignon earned the title holding off the very tough performance of Trevor Park & Louis Cartright.
Cindy Head claimed the Women's Open Singles title and placed 3rd in Women's Open Doubles.
Fourteen year old Tony Spredeman won a total of five events at the World Championships including Rookie Singles, Rookie Doubles, Semi Pro Singles, Semi Pro Doubles, and a Top Semi Pro Team Play-off for a home model foosball table. He placed in a number of other events as well, including 17th in Open Singles. Wow!
See the complete results at the web site of the North American Table Soccer Association: World Championships 2001
All of Mississippi's top foosball players showed up in Jackson, Mississippi during the weekend of August 10th through 12th to compete in the 2001 Mississippi State Championships of foosball sponsored by The Southern Foosball Program. The chance to win state titles, bragging rights, and championship jackets drew foosball players from other areas as well--including Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Florida.
Shooters Tavern served as the host facility while approximately fifty foosball players participated during the weekend of events that began on Friday evening and ended on Sunday evening.
Since the World Championships of Foosball is the next major foos-event and only weeks away, this event was used as a "World's Warm-up" for many. A player that seemed to be quite ready and "warmed-up" would be Bill Bell, who won open doubles, open singles, mixed doubles, and the open draw. Other outstanding performing players during the weekend included Fritz Kinchen, Robbie Moore, and Steven Glidewell.
Great playing folks and congratulations on your titles! Complete results are listed at: MISSISSIPPI RESULTS.
Thanks for participating; I look forward to seeing you at the next Southern Foosball Program event. Later, Rodney Jenkins
The United States Table Soccer Association's 2001 National Championships of foosball was held in Georgia at the Atlanta Airport Hilton during the weekend of June 28th - July 2nd. The winners of the main event "open doubles" were Robert Mares & Scotty Wydman, both of Denver, Colorada. Terry Moore, IL. & Bobby Diaz, FL. were runners-up while Matt Stewart & Terry Rue,LA. finished 3rd.
Terry Moore won the open singles national title and Robert Mares earned the annual U.S.T.S.A. Masters Singles title.
See the results.
Some of the Southern Program's players that did well during the weekend included: Rodney Jenkins,AL. & Billy Caylor,TN. finshed tied for 5th in open doubles. Michael Bates,MS. & Ronnie Searcy,MS. won the limited doubles event defeating Rob Munro,AL. & Mike Philbrook. Michael Bates also placed 2nd in the pro draw-for-partners event. Cindy Head,AL. won women's open singles and teamed with Brittany McDonald,GA. for women's open doubles, together they won the women's open doubles national championship.
Glenn Carter,AL. won the top-rookie playoff for a home model foosball table. Joe Gabriel placed 2nd in rookie singles. Kristina Kuether won the rookie womens singles event and Terry Hedges,TN. placed 2nd in goalie wars. Congratulations!
Oh yes, Tracy Harrell and Nicki Kinchen, both of Mississippi, finished 4th during the rookie womens doubles event. This link will guide you to the complete results.
The Birmingham "Hot Shot" event that was scheduled on this day was poorly attended. This event is made up of a Forward Shootout competition, and then Open Doubles. The player winning the single-elimination and best of three games format of Forward Shootout is usually named "Mr. Hot Shot". That player became David Bagwell of Carbon Hill, Alabama as he defeated Rodney Jenkins, Cindy Head, and then Ken Williams to earn the title and the $100 ca$h. Since there was a week show for the open doubles portion of the event, we loaded up our "Hot Shots" and sped over to Atlanta, Georgia (just over two hours away) to battle it out with the "Hot Shots" competing in their weekly open doubles event.
Since there's no results of the Birmingham "Hot Shot" open doubles to report, I'll list the results of the 14-team Atlanta weekly that we made it just in time to participate. Rodney Jenkins & Lane Kimbrell placed first defeating Chris Weaver & Chris Folsom. Steve Dodgen & Ken Williams finished third place.
During the Alabama Amateur "Bad Boy" & Rookie Doubles Showdown this past weekend in Huntsville, David Burnett, of Decatur, proves he's worthy. We haven't seen David much since last years Amateur Showdown held in Ragland, he shows up and defends his year-2000 Ala-Amateur "Bad Boy" title in dominant fashion. David defeated Garet Peterson! and won the Forward Shootout & Amateur Singles events, placed 2nd in Goalie Wars, and then finished 3rd place in Rookie Doubles.
During Huntsville's most substantial "Rookie Doubles" competition, two players from Cullman, AL. came up and snatched the first place cash $200. Vernon Pearson & Lee Blanton defeated local players Dale Oberhausen & Kevin Watkins in the final. Congratulations! See the results.
In Chattanooga Tennessee during this past weekend Aaron Hartline and Bundy's Billiards jointly presented a "Foosbash" foosball tournament. I attended this event and had a great time. I enjoyed being there as a player and not the tournament promoter for a change. There was a good turn-out of players for the event. Hopefully, Aaron & Bundy's will host additional tournaments in the future.
I'm not sure about all the results, perhaps they will post them in the foos-newsgroup??? Here are some results that I remember:
During open singles Frank Goff dip-defeated Steve Dodgen in the final while Rick Petro finished 3rd place.
During open doubles Billy Caylor and myself (Rodney Jenkins) defeated Chris Folsom and Mickey Munger in the final. Steve Dodgen & Ken Williams finished 3rd place while Frank Goff & Kathy Hilts finished fourth.
During Semi Pro Doubles, local ex-pro Todd Brooks won 1st place teamed with an also local Mike Guffey. They defeated David Phillips and Mark Witt.
Sorry, that's all I can remember at this time. If someone supplies me with additional results I will try and post them for you.
The Southern Foosball Program presented the "Northern" Florida State Championships of foosball during the weekend of April 6th - 8th, 2001, in the beautiful city of Pensacola, Florida. The event was called the "Panhandle Play-offs", and that's what it became as twenty teams battled it out during the main event. A semi-pro team from Mobile, Alabama, Rob Moore & Jay Trubee, upset several pro teams, and eventually the top seed, Michael Bates & Rodney Jenkins, to earn the top spot of the winners bracket. Mississippi's J.J. Hearn & Chris Cavaliere eventually battled their way through the loser's bracket to meet the Mobile team, once again, to set up the final matches of open doubles. The event was eventually decided on match-ball of a second-set final, as J.J. Hearn & Chris Cavaliere won the open doubles title after coming from behind in score during the final game.
During open singles, Daniel Quick of Houma, Louisiana finished third place while Bill Bell of Jackson, Mississippi, held off Chris Cavaliere in the finals. Bill also won the draw, and open mixed doubles, teamed with Tiffanie Blakeney. Tiffanie is also from Jackson, Mississippi, and she won the women's singles title, as well as, the women's doubles title. She teamed with Nikki Kinchen to win the doubles title.
There was a great turnout for this event, and once again, I'd like to thank each and every participant for his or her support. I'd also like to thank the "Rac 'n Cue", for the great job as the host facility. Everyone had a great time.
Congratulations to the champs! The complete list of winners are posted at:
Florida State Results 2001
. Thanks again, Rodney Jenkins
Why Pensacola? The Southern Foosball Program's presence in Pensacola is a result of the players in Mobile,AL. and the owner of the "Rac'n Cue", J.T. Hayes. Just over a year ago, a group of Mobile players were trying to get me to expand my promotional efforts a little closer to their southern-most city in Alabama, where, at the time, there was no organized foosball tournaments. A couple of those players were trying to help me find a location in Mobile where I could operate foosball tables which would present the opportunity I needed to promote foosball in that area.
I was at the "Rac'n Cue" in Cullman, Alabama when J.T. asked me if I thought a foosball table would do anything at his "Rac'n Cue" location in Pensacola. I felt like Pensacola was close enough to Mobile that I could probably use the location for an occasional foosball tournament for possible players in that area, as well as, players in Mobile. Pensacola is approximately one hour away from Mobile.
It was one year ago when I presented the "$1,000 Pensacola Open" foosball tournament which brought a large group of foosball players from surrounding areas to compete in Pensacola. Since then we have presented several other tournaments at the location and eventually this "Panhandle Play-offs". The first events had no local participation, while this past event had quite a few locals participate. It was great to see these new foos-enthusiasts, some are new players with only a few months experience, while others are foos-enthusiasts from the past. All were excited to have foosball action in Pensacola.
Several locations in Pensacola have since added foosball tables, and there is now two weekly foosball tournaments held in Pensacola. Mobile now has a weekly foosball event as well.
Unfortunately, to this point, the venture cannot be considered a successful business venture for the Program; however, I think we can at least proclaim our promotional efforts in that area a success.
If your interested in participating in foosball-for-fun competition, visit the "Rac'n Cue" on Friday nights at 8 PM for a weekly DYP (draw your partner) foosball tournament. Local player Fred Sherman is coordinating the event. More tournament information
Over this past weekend (March 7-11), several local players traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete in the United States Table Soccer Association's $100,000 Hall of Fame Classic foosball tournament. During the weekend of events, Birmingham's Cindy Head won the Womens Singles event and place 2nd in the Womens Doubles event--teamed with Tina Wyatt. Cindy also place 9/12th in Open Mixed Doubles teamed with Ron Nevois.
With a total of 364 participants entered in the main singles event(Open Singles), Rodney Jenkins, of Cullman, Alabama, placed 7/8th, while Cindy Head placed 17/24th, and Steve Dodgen, of Alexander City, Alabama, placed 49/64th.
Louisianna players, Kyle Stephens and Robert Banta, won two home model foosball tables for finishing the top Semi Pro team in Open Doubles.
Rodney Jenkins won the Age 35 & Over event while teamed with Gregg Stillwell of Little Rock, Arkansas.
Rodney Jenkins also placed 2nd in 3500pt. Limited Doubles teamed with Jamie Tayrien of Tulsa, Oklahoma while finishing 4th place was Chris Weaver & Steve Cersosimo, both of Atlanta, Georgia.
Also of Atlanta, Joe Gabriel placed 5/6th in Rookie Singles.
An old time foosball player of the 1970's, Steve Simon, was inducted into the Foosball "Hall of Fame".
This link will guide you to the complete results.
There was no foosball player in Jackson Mississippi this past weekend "Bad"er than Bill Bell, formerly of Houston,TX.--currently living in Jackson, Mississippi. Bill earned the Program's Dixie "Bad Boy" title for 2001 by his outstanding performance during the events of the tournament which included winning the Open Draw, Open Singles, and Open Doubles events.
Other outstanding players during the weekend included Corey Clement, of Louisianna, which finished as runner-up for the Dixie "Bad Boy" title. Local player, Fritz Kinchen, was named the Semi Pro "Bad Boy", he won the Goalie Wars and Open Doubles events. Randy Bolton was narrowly edged out for the Rookie "Bad Boy" title by Anson Ballard, where both local players performed outstandingly during the events of the tournament.
See the complete results listing of the Dixie "Bad Boy" Open 2001.
Local players had an interesting weekend during the recent $15,000 Super Bowl of Foosball in Lexington, Kentucky. On the trip up there on Friday night, the water pump went out and the car had to be hauled back to Chattanooga where it would eventually be repaired on Monday. Rodney Jenkins, Billy Caylor, David Phillips, & Mark Witt decided to continue the journey to Kentucky-- arriving in Lexington at 6am on Saturday morning. With only two hours sleep before the tournament registration, Rodney Jenkins & Billy Caylor went to the losers side of the Open Doubles bracket early--after their 2nd match. I'll get back to this shortly.
Billy Caylor played well and had a good weekend, he and Steve Dodgen claimed the Expert Doubles title and collected a heathy $1,000 prize.
Steve Dodgen won the Friday night Draw playing goalie for what looked like a 15 year old kid. His name is Tony Spredeman and he may be from Wisconsin (69 teams).
With a "all-weekend" slumpy performance on the 5-row, Rodney & Billy were able to barely squeak by a few matches and eventually get back to the finals of Open Doubles. After defeating "Big Terry Moore" & Todd Leffrado in the first set of the finals, Rodney Jenkins & Billy Caylor finished 2nd place. Steve Dodgen & Ken Williams placed 5th.
During the early hours of Monday morning, Ken & Rodney settled for 5th in the Limited Doubles, and shortly after that, 5th place in Open Singles was good enough for Rodney Jenkins, it was time to close out the weekend and get back to the real world.
See a link to the complete results of the $12,000 Superbowl of Foosball 2001.
Congratulations to the 2000 Georgia State Champs! As the year 2000 came to a close foosball players in the surrounding areas of Atlanta, got the opportunity to compete for championship titles. Almost 50 players showed up in Austell, Georgia to compete for the last-chance year 2000 bragging rights. The Southern Foosball Program presented the $3,000 Georgia State Championships during the weekend of December 29th - 31st.
During the main event open doubles, local pro players Chris Weaver & Chris Folsom lost their first match only to come back through the losers bracket to win the title defeating in the final Steve Dodgen & Rodney Jenkins. Third place went to an outstanding performing rookie team Joe "Jelly Roll" Gabriel & Steve Wilcher.
The open singles final was an exciting second-set fifth-game decision which saw a Texas "Bill Bell" eventually hold-off the losers bracket charging efforts of Alabama's Steve Dodgen. Third place was the local "Hot Shot" Kenny King.
Kenny King dominated the semi pro events winning singles and then doubles while teamed with Eric McCraw of North Carolina.
The rookie events turned into the classic battle of the under-rated against the over-rated. Local players Joe "Jelly Roll" Gabriel & Mike Grosskurth became the rookie doubles state champs defeating the "Alabama champs" Cliff Williams & Brittany McDonald. "Jelly Rookie" continued and defeated Cliff Williams to win the rookie singles title as well.
Local player Brittany McDonald has to be declared the honorary Georgia State Champion female player as she went un-challenged during the weekend of women's events which included singles, doubles and open mixed.
Events finished before 8pm on New Years Eve allowing all players to go about and celebrate the New Years holiday in their own way. For those that stuck around the host facility, "Fat Cat's Grill & Gameroom", passed out hats, horns and other party fun-things including free wine and champagne. The year 2000 ended while the year 2001 began.
A complete list of Georgia State results are listed at [2000 Georgia State Championships]. Who'll be the foosball champs in 2001? Until next time, foos you & the table you play on!
Rodney Jenkins
Congratulations to the 2000 Mississippi State Champs! To the surprisement of many in Jackson, Mississippi, "Shooters Tavern" was packed-out with foosball players this past weekend. The competition was intense and brutal, to say the least, as nearly all thirteen events seen the championship team come to win, in the finals, from the losers side of the chart. During the weekend of events, if it wasn't a double-dip-defeat situation, it was at least a two match final. There may have been only one event that ended with a one-match final.
In the open singles final, a Mississippi Chris Cavaliere was able to double-dip a Texas Bill Bell to keep the title local.
Then during the open mixed event, Bill Bell was able to return the favor, as he and Margie Ordoyne, of Louisiana, dip-defeated the Mississippi team Nikki Hendon and Chris Cavaliere.
In the main event, open doubles, the red hot Bill "Cracker" Bell and partner Eddy Gartman, both of Texas, dip-defeated and took the title away from the local favorites and Mississippians, Michael Bates & J.J. Hearn.
The female events were no different. Womens singles saw a great match between two local players in the finals. Nikki Hendon claimed the title after dip-defeating Brooke Clem after two long and hard-fought matches.
The most dramatic event of the weekend had to be during womens doubles, where it was a Louisiana VS Mississippi final. The entire tournament was halted as spectators gathered around the table to watch and cheer on the local favorites, Nikki Hendon & Laura Wilson, and also the Louisiana team of Wendy Coose & Kay Kirby. It was a great match to watch as the momentum see-sawed back & forth during the entire two-match final. It would eventually end and become another victory from the losers side of the chart, as Wendy Coose & Kay Kirby claimed the title.
The event was filled with brutal competition, but great sportsmanship. There were no judges requested until late on Sunday evening. A complete list of the results is posted at
Even though I didn't have time to compete in the event, it was an awesome event to witness and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's always a pleasure being surrounded by the foos-enthusiasm that exists and comes with players like those from the Mississippi and Louisiana areas. I've already gotten a number of phone calls and messages from players that attended the event, as well as, some that didn't attend. They were all excited about the event and greatly anticipating the next. At this time, all I can say is this: The Mississippi State Championships of 2000 would be hard to duplicate, it was a unique event. If you missed it, you missed a "one-of-a-kind" championship tournament. I can say also: we will be attempting to duplicate a successful championship event later this month when the Southern Foosball Tour visits Atlanta, Georgia. Join us, if you dare! [GEORGIA STATE] December 29-31st 2000
To all, I thank you for your participation and support. Until next time, go get foosed!
Rodney Jenkins
The Year 2000s' Alabama State Championships of foosball brought one of the best turnouts in recent years to "The Break Restaurant & Billiards" in Birmingham Alabama. During the weekend of November 3rd through 5th, foosball players from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas battled for the twelve different "Alabama State Titles".
Former Rookie Doubles World Champion player "Randy Hendon" of Jackson, Mississippi spanked all the rookies in attendance, as well as, some of the semi pros as he claimed the rookie singles and semi pro doubles titles. Barely edged out of the rookie doubles title, Randy lost to Brittany McDonald & Cliff Williams, of Atlanta & Chattanooga.
The Georgian, Brittany McDonald, put forth a strong effort during the weekend of events-- she won the open mixed doubles and the women singles events. Also, as mentioned, Brittany won the rookie doubles event and placed 2nd in semi pro doubles.
In fact, Georgia sent its' heat to Birmingham this year, as Kenny King won the limited doubles & forward shootout. Steve Cersosimo won goalie wars, while Atlanta's "hot shot", Chris Weaver, steamed through the chart on Friday, winning the open draw event (teamed with Mike Bankston,MS.). With his "rock & fire" style of play, "sparks were flying over B'ham", as Chris then smoked through the open singles event, from the losers side of the chart, and defeated, in the final, the "1998 Alabama Singles State Champ" Michael Bates. On Sunday, a somewhat then cooled down Chris Weaver teamed with Brittany McDonald and strategically won the open mixed doubles title (again from the losers side of the chart).
Jim Wiggs was a "happy fooser" after finally earning a first place finish during a Ala-state championship event. He has a stretch of second place finishes dating back almost as long as the S' Program's existence. Out of Springville, Alabama, Jim Wiggs won this years 3500 limited doubles state title, --but then went on to finish 2nd place in open doubles while teamed with Cindy Head.
David Bagwell, of Carbon Hill, held off the charging effort of Ken Williams while earning the 2000 semi pro singles state title.
The main event, open doubles, went to Alexander City's Steve Dodgen and myself, Rodney Jenkins. I'm from Cullman, Alabama. We defeated, as mentioned, Birmingham's Cindy Head and Jim Wiggs in the final. Finishing third place was Michael Bates and J.J. Hearn of Jackson, Mississippi.
Complete results are listed at [Ala-State 2000]. A good tournament and a great time, I look forward to seeing you-all at this years Mississippi State.
Thanks for participating! Rodney Jenkins
The $130,000 World Championships of Foosball was held over Labor Day weekend at the Hyatt Regency DFW hotel. Dallas, Texas was hot with record setting temperatures during the weekend-- so was the competition. This link will guide you to the complete results.!
At the National Championships, Cindy Head, of Birmingham, AL. wins again! She won womens'doubles & singles. The event was held at Hilton Charlotte & Towers in Charlotte, NC. during the "July 4th" holiday weekend.
See a link to the complete results.
I recently released a [MISSION STATEMENT]. I've since created and transfered it to it's own page at this web site. The link provided will take you to it.


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